Rachel Loy - "I Can Feel It (Lovin' Me)"

Rachel Loy really is an undiscovered multi-instrumentalist now forming the jewel in the crown of Nukleuz Records. Teaming up on songwriting with heavy-hitters including Clif Magness (Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson), Steve Kipner (Christina Aguilara), Billy Mann (Pink, Ricky Martin) and Patrick Leonard (Madonna, Jewel) among others. Winning national attention in 2003 with her song “The Same Man,” which she wrote for a friend shipped off to the war in Iraq released on Epic (Sony BMG), and in no time Rachel was performing on The Today Show and CNN! Read on for more details about this tune....

The Original Vocal Mix is produced by Audioscape, which delivers a catchy and uplifting track that edges on the commercial front.

On remix duties Nukleuz call in man of the moment Pierre Pienaar aka P.H.A.T.T. who smashed clubs and dance charts accross the globe with his electric remix of CRW ‘I Feel Love’. Pierre has a pedigree to rival the biggest names in the scene and showcases his full talent in this remix. This is classic trance in a 2007 style, epic drops, uplifting builds, huge crescendos, spine tingling riffs and thunderous rolling basslines. Feel good trance as it is meant to sound! Early support from Dave Pearce who even requested a radio edit of the remix to be played on BBC Radio 1!


Rachel Loy - I Can Feel It [Lovin' Me] (Audioscape Original Vocal Mix): The Audioscape Original Vocal Mix starts off with a powerful, funky-edged, bouncy bassline, with building Euro- style, Pop-Trance synths to accompany it. A very commercial-appealing female vocal kicks in very early on, which, along with a light synthesized melody, form the main 'backbone' of the tune. I wasn't overly keen on this mix - I felt that the vocal was a bit too long and 'full-on', which became a little annoying after a while - although, i'd say that this particular version aimed at a more mainstream, and younger, audience. It's more of a tune you'd hear on a commercial dance music station, rather than in a Trance club environment - the P.H.A.T.T remix is more suited for the 'serious' Trance venue.


Rachel Loy - I Can Feel It [Lovin' Me] (P.H.A.T.T Remix): This is more like it! P.H.A.T.T delivers a much more respectable Trance remix - starting off with a powerful bassline, with the female vocal stabbing in and out with the words "I Can Feel". A light, synthesized, melody slowly climbs in the background, as a much deeper chord accompanies it to create a superb build up which takes you towards the breakdown. The breakdown is very powerful, and gives an emotional hands-in-the-air moment. The vocal also hits its peak during the breakdown, which works quite well - although i'd much prefer a dub version of this remix. I still feel that the vocal is leaning more towards the commercial side, and, dare it say it, a bit on the cheesy side too - however, it is tolerable, and if you're not afraid to play tunes with vocals that are slightly on the commercial side, then you'll love this tune. The Trance chords all work very well together, and the production quality can't be faulted either - hence why its recieved major support on BBC Radio 1 by Dave Pearce. This is one of those remixes that you'll either love or hate (mainly because of the vocal, and not the quality of the production) - some will think the vocal is cheesy, whilst others will just appreciate the quality of the production and choose to support it in their sets. I quite like it - but I must admit, the vocal does put me off playing it in my sets. Hopefully, the full release will see a P.H.A.T.T dub mix! This remix deserves a high rating, but unfortunately, the vocal brings its rating down a score or two

- 7/10

Rachel Loy - I Can Feel It [Lovin Me'] (Audioscape Transatlantic Dub): Like the Original Mix, this version starts with a powerful, pacey, bouncy bassline, which gradually gets stronger as hi-hats and snares accompany it to give it a bit more energy. The melody then kicks in, along with a mini-breakdown, which, to be honest, sounds quite Euro-Trancey again. The chords sound slightly Pop-orientated - similar to tunes by Ian van Dahl and Fragma, etc. Again, like the Original mix, I could see this working well in a commercial club at the weekend, and also on local radio dance stations - but not in a serious Trance set. I would think it would be more appealing to a younger audience, but not to the serious clubber.


Release Date: Unknown

Label: Nukleuz Green Records.

Label Website: Unknown

Artist Website: Unknown

Catalogue Number: Unknown

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