22 Bullets

In the vibrant landscape of South-East Asia's burgeoning dance music scene, one name has been steadily rising to prominence over the last decade — 22BULLETS. Reflecting the region's emergence as a powerhouse for electronic music, this Bangkok player, known by the real name Varun Sony, has not only become a major focal point but has also earned a coveted spot in the prestigious Top 100 DJs Poll.

A Decade of Musical Mastery

22BULLETS' journey to success is intertwined with the evolution of South-East Asia's dance music culture. Despite narrowly missing out on a Top 100 DJs spot in 2018 and 2019, charting at No.146 and No.134 respectively, the past year has seen Varun Sony secure his place among the global dance music elite.

Unrelenting Momentum

Over the past 12 months, Varun Sony, refusing to ease off the pedal, has been a force to be reckoned with. While physical events faced challenges, his musical output soared. Tracks like 'Looking at the Moon,' 'SIAM,' and 'Crazies Do' captivated audiences, showcasing 22BULLETS' versatility and sonic innovation.

Collaborations and Global Impact

One hallmark of 22BULLETS' recent success lies in his collaborative ventures. The track 'Queen of the Desert,' a collaboration with Mexican EDM-violinist Mariana Bo, stands out among his recent releases. This collaboration, along with projects featuring Timmy Trumpet and Dash Berlin, exemplifies 22BULLETS' ability to create diverse and globally resonant music.

Recent Releases and Audience Reception

'Looking at the Moon,' 'SIAM,' and 'Crazies Do' are not merely titles but anthems that have resonated with a global audience. The positive reception to these tracks underlines 22BULLETS' capacity to transcend geographical boundaries and connect with listeners on a profound level.


  1. How has 22BULLETS contributed to the rise of South-East Asia's dance music scene? 22BULLETS has played a pivotal role in elevating South-East Asia's dance music scene, mirroring the region's emergence as a global powerhouse.

  2. What is Varun Sony's real name, and where is he based? Varun Sony, also known as 22BULLETS, is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

  3. How did 22BULLETS secure a spot in the Top 100 DJs Poll? After narrowly missing out in previous years, 22BULLETS secured a spot in the coveted Top 100 DJs Poll, a testament to his growing influence and recognition.

  4. What notable tracks has 22BULLETS released in the past year? Over the past year, 22BULLETS has released tracks such as 'Looking at the Moon,' 'SIAM,' and 'Crazies Do,' contributing to his growing success.

  5. Who are some of the artists 22BULLETS has collaborated with recently? 22BULLETS has collaborated with artists like Timmy Trumpet, Dash Berlin, and Mexican EDM-violinist Mariana Bo, showcasing his diverse musical partnerships.

  6. How has 22BULLETS adapted to challenges in the music industry, especially with the limitations on physical events? Despite challenges in the music industry, 22BULLETS has maintained an unrelenting momentum, delivering impactful releases even in the absence of traditional physical events.

  7. What is the significance of the track 'Queen of the Desert' in 22BULLETS' recent discography? 'Queen of the Desert' is a notable track in 22BULLETS' recent discography, representing a collaboration with Mexican EDM-violinist Mariana Bo and highlighting his global reach.

  8. How has 22BULLETS' music been received by audiences globally? Tracks like 'Looking at the Moon,' 'SIAM,' and 'Crazies Do' have received a positive reception globally, emphasizing 22BULLETS' ability to connect with a diverse audience.

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