Interview with Adam Sheridan

Adam Sheridan is one of the hardest working DJ's on the circuit at the moment - if he's not DJ'ing, then he's in the studio working on new productions! His new 2006 re-work of "Solus" has just been released, and to coincide with that, we managed to grab some of Adam's free time to interview him. Our forum members have been putting together some questions for Adam over the last couple of weeks, so now its time to hear his response. Read on to find out what Adam Sheridan had to say to in this exclusive interview....

Carl: Adam, thanks for taking the time out from your work to do this interview for - with all the outdoor festivals upon us, the Ibiza season, plus all your DJ'ing and studio commitments, no doubt your a busy chap at the moment! Our forum members have put together a series of questions for you, so lets see what you think of these....

Carl Q1: You've been a resident at GoodGreef since the first ever party they put on and have seen the night grow into one of the biggest clubbing brands in the UK. At what point did you begin to realise that the night really was beginning to take off and did you ever think it would become as successful as it has?

Adam Sheridan A1: I was playing for Goodgreef right back when it was called Totally Mashed in Manchester. You could see the buzz about the whole concept back then. I think it was a backlash of all the old Crasher kids. Gatecrasher had fallen out with all the glowsticks and cyber kids so the kids needed a new place to go. Goodgreef was in the right place at the right time. I first really noticed that Goodgreef was getting amongst it with the big boys when they won Mixmag club of the year, about 3 years ago. The event after this was at Tall Trees, the place was just going right off, it was great to see for everyone involved. I think Goodgreef has been so successful because they also offered something different musically, whilst some clubs where still playing the same line ups they had been for the past 10 years Goodgreef were bringing new faces to the table and they still are doing this today!

Carl Q2: What do you find are the main advantages as a DJ playing an Ableton set as opposed to a vinyl/cd set? Which do you prefer playing, and could you see yourself going 100% digital?

Adam Sheridan A2: At the moment I use Stantons Final scratch. This allows me to play my music from my laptop through to blank vinyls or CDs. I use the system through the CDs as I think it's a lot more stable this way. The advantage of this for me is that I have all my music with me, I can access my whole music collection at the touch of a button and it's all lit up clearly in front of me, there's no panic not been able to find that record in a dark DJ box no more. I think the mix is so much better too; you can take your set in so many different directions as you have your entire music collection with you. I was using Ableton for a short while when it first came out, I was using it as like an external drum machine, I was dropping baselines and synth lines over the top of the records I was playing. It was great fun but it was a lot of hard work for the same crowd reactions. I think for me to use Ableton at all my performances I would miss the mixing side of performing too much, that's why I use stantons Final Scratch. However Some DJs are using Ableton a lot more hands on which is very exciting to watch!

Carl Q3: You've just released your "Solus" track - can you tell us a little bit more about it (where the idea came from, etc)?

Adam Sheridan A3: It was the first project I had written and produced on my own without my studio partner Joe. The track got such a big response that I decided to do a 2006 remake with Joe on board. Now on the single you have the 2006 version and a reworked version of the original. The track was originally written about my late aunt that sadly passed away so it's quite a special track for me. So far the track has had a massive DJ response so I'm really chuffed!

Carl Q4: What does the future hold for Adam Sheridan - are we likely to see any productions with a different style under a different guise? Are you likely to be trying out any other of the new options that are available to DJ's now such as the visual (DVJ) side of things?

Adam Sheridan A4: I've always been dubious about writing under different names, however I do have a lot of material in the pipeline at the moment so maybe I will look at releasing some of this under a different artist name, maybe a Dazed & Confused follow up.. Watch this space. I have just finished a new track called "La Fiesta", it's quite banging with a big filthy Electro lead in the middle, I'm not sure whether this is going to be the next Adam Sheridan release or not yet, I think it is currently circulating on I also have a couple of collaborations in the pipeline but I'm not allowed to say who with at the moment! I've not really looked into the DVJ side of things to be honest, I'm really into my EFX 1000 at the moment, some of the stuff you can do on there is just amazing, it has really enhanced my performance.

Carl Q5: Do you think you'll ever do another set in the future where you use Vinyl only, or has the digital era taken over too much now?

Adam Sheridan A5: At the moment my answer to that would be no. The digital era for me has taken over. The possibilities are much more greater using CDJS, FX units and laptops these days. Yes the feel of Vinyl is great but I feel much better going into a club using CDJs and effects units these days, I just can't see me going back to vinyl. It's weird though because part of me still wished and hopes that Vinyl never dies.

Carl Q6: What's the best gig you've ever played?

Adam Sheridan A6: There has been so many it's hard to just pick one. The first time I played at Cream Amnesia after Tiesto was amazing, I will never forget that night. I came on at like four am in the morning after Tijs and the place was going right off, I didn't wanna leave, they had to turn the music off though as the police were outside.. Gutted. You can catch me spinning four times at Cream, Amnesia over the summer. Also one more I'd like to mention is Following Paul Van Dyk at his first ever Vandit party outside Berlin, in London. It was a very scary thing at first but it was a success, I will never forget that night! I am playing at Pauls Official Love Parade Pre-party this year, if you want to check out a party then these are as good as you get!!

Carl Q7: What's your favorite tune that you've ever made? Have you made any tunes/remixes that you look back on and dislike and/or regret making?

Adam Sheridan A7: I don't think I have made a record that I regret making, I sometimes listen back and think hmm maybe that could have been better or I should have done this there. I don't like to favour one particular track really, I love them all. I think the most memorable for me would have to be Lektrik as this was my first release; it kind of introduced me to the industry.

Carl Q8: Do you consider yourself primarily to be a producer or a DJ (for example, if you were forced to give up one of those tomorrow, which would it be?)

Adam Sheridan A8: I would like to consider my self as both, split down the middle. I'm not a producer that's suddenly turned into a DJ; I have been spinning on turntables since I was 11 years old. I have been writing and experimenting with music for just as long so It's a tricky one. I 've learnt so much in the studio that enhances my performance as a DJ and I take so much back into the studio with me form the dancefloor. It would be a very tough decision, Ha, perhaps when I'm older and fed up of all the traveling I would say I'll just produce, someone else can travel around playing the records.... Maybe not ;-)

Carl Q9: Which of the young DJ's/Producers making a name for themselves at present do you rate, and if you could co-produce a tune with anyone who would it be?

Adam Sheridan A9: For me the hottest trance producer at the moment is Marc Van Linden, there is a lot of producers trying to create this sound at the moment and for Me Marc gets it right every time. Each sound has it's own space in the mix, the whole dynamics of his production is perfect! Anything from Spinnin' Records is also always a pleasure to listen to! I think I would most like to collaborate with someone like Sasha or maybe Underworld when Darren Emerson was still with them. It would be great to work with someone form a different genre to see the outcome, I get very excited about sitting down and writing different styles of music. I would also love to work with Paul Van Dyk - I think it would be a pleasure to watch him at work.

Carl Q10: Out of all the current established DJ's, who are your favourites out of all those you've heard? Who's the best DJ you've played alongside?

Adam Sheridan A10: For me Paul Van Dyk is the most exciting DJ I have played alongside, Paul has been a great inspiration for me over the years and I respect him as an artist, so to play alongside him has been an amazing experience for me. I am also a big fan of Satoshi Tommie, love his sound and also Takkyu Isshino is amazing, his sound is really unique. One DJ that I would like to spin with is Sasha, I may get the chance this summer at the Love Parade launch party.

Carl Q11: What advice would you give to any new up and coming DJ trying to break into the scene?

Adam Sheridan A11: You have to try and offer something a little bit different, it's cool to take note and learn from your favorite DJs but you have to try and bring something different to the table. Also enjoy the music that you play, don't just play that one style of music because it's the in thing at the moment, If you have a passion for a certain style of music, it shows in your performance! It's very hard to break onto the scene these days, my other advice would be to maybe start your own night between you and your friends, this way you can play yourself and your getting the exposure and experience, that's how John Digweed got going with Bedrock.

Carl Q12: If you could pick any venue in the world, and name your "ultimate" DJ line-up to play att that event, what venue and DJ's would you choose?

Adam Sheridan A12: It would have to be Elland Road in Leeds! I would have on Paul Van Dyk, Sasha, Carl Cox, Satoshi Tommie, Takkyu Isshino, CJ Bolland, Underworld Live - And of course me!

Carl Q13: What production equipment and software do you use for creating your tunes?

Adam Sheriden A13: I use mainly hard ware in the studio. The sequencer we use is Logic on a Mac G5. The synths we use include a Virus KC, a Supernova and a clavia nord rack.

Carl Q14: A bit of a light hearted question here from forum member Lucy - she said she saw you at Passion's 11th birthday and you were superb. She wants to know if you have a girlfriend, and are you up for fun?

Adam Sheridan A14: Haha! Please tell her thanks a lot for the kind comment, I'm happy she enjoyed my set at Passion.

Carl: *laughs* Well dodged with answering the final part of Lucy's question! Adam - your an absolute legend mate! On behalf of of our forum members, and of course, myself, thanks again for taking the time to answer our questions! We hope to hear plenty more of you as both a DJ and Producer in the near future. Best of luck with everything.

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