Alan Walker

Alan Walker, born on August 24, 1997, is a renowned DJ and producer who has taken the electronic music world by storm. Although born in Northampton, England, Alan's musical journey truly began to flourish when he moved to Bergen, Norway with his parents at the age of two. His passion for music was ignited through the influence of talented producers like K-391 and Ahrix, as well as acclaimed composers Steve Jablonsky and Hans Zimmer. This eclectic mix of inspirations set the stage for a remarkable career.

Emerging Talent

Alan Walker's journey into music production was unconventional. He spent countless hours engrossed in videos of his musical influences on YouTube, meticulously studying their craft. This dedication led to the creation of his own music, all crafted from the confines of his laptop. Under the pseudonym "DJ Walkzz," Walker embarked on his musical odyssey.

The Rise of "Fade"

In the early stages of his career, Alan Walker's most notable creation was the track "Fade," released in 2014. Interestingly, the track's virtual debut was unintentional – a result of Walker mistakenly uploading it. However, fate had different plans, as the song swiftly garnered immense popularity among listeners and caught the attention of the record label NoCopyrightSounds (NCS). Fittingly, NCS released "Faded" on their YouTube channel towards the end of 2014. The song quickly became a sensation, accumulating over 300 million views.

Continued Success: "Faded" and Beyond

2015 witnessed the release of "Specter" and "Force," solidifying Alan Walker's presence in the electronic music scene. However, the pivotal moment in his career came when he inked a deal with the influential Sony Music Entertainment (SME). This partnership bore fruit with the launch of "Faded," a remastered version featuring vocals by Iselin Solheim. This iconic track soon ascended to the top of European music charts, amassing a staggering 2 billion views on YouTube. Alan Walker's musical prowess had taken him to unprecedented heights. The acoustic rendition of "Faded," titled "Faded (Restrung)," followed shortly after, proving that his creations could evolve in myriad ways. Walker continued to captivate audiences with the release of "Sing Me to Sleep," featuring Iselin Solheim, and an instrumental iteration.

Remixes and Acclaim

In the years that followed, Walker flexed his remixing talents, reinterpreting tracks such as Coldplay's "Hymn for the Weekend," Cash Cash & Digital Farm Animals' "Millionaire" (ft. Nelly), and Sia's "Move Your Body." 2016 saw the release of "Alone," featuring Noonie Bao, and its subsequent instrumental and acoustic versions, titled "Alone (Restrung)." Alan Walker's diverse explorations in electronic music spanned genres like EDM, Progressive House, and Drum & Bass.

Global Performances

As his popularity soared, Alan Walker began sharing his music with the world. His journey took him to countries like Japan, South Korea, Canada, and various parts of Europe and Asia, where he mesmerized audiences with his electrifying performances.

A Glimpse into Alan Walker's Anthems

Alan Walker's discography is a treasure trove of electronic masterpieces. Some of his notable songs include:

  1. Faded
  2. Diamond Heart (feat. Sophia Somajo)
  3. Alone
  4. Darkside (feat. Au/Ra & Tomine Harket)
  5. The Specter
  6. All Falls Down (feat. Noah Cyrus & Digital Farm Animals)
  7. Different World (feat. Sofia Carson, K-391 & CORSAK)
  8. Ignite
  9. Impossible
  10. Sing Me to Sleep
  11. Without Love
  12. Heart
  13. Tired (feat. Gavin James)
  14. Baby Don't Go
  15. Do It All for You
  16. Force
  17. Heading Home (I Stand Alone)
  18. My Heart Stay

Alan Walker's musical journey is nothing short of phenomenal, and his career continues to evolve, creating a lasting impact in the world of electronic music.

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