Angerfist, born Danny Masseling on June 20, 1981, in Almere, Flevoland, is a Dutch hardcore techno and gabber producer and disc jockey. His journey in the world of electronic music is marked by a prolific career, chart-topping albums, and a captivating stage presence. Let's delve into the life and musical evolution of this influential figure in the hardcore scene.

Early Career and Rise to Prominence (2001–2005):

Danny Masseling's musical journey began in 2001, driven by a passion for hardcore techno. Under the pseudonym Menace II Society, he gained popularity with his EP "Son of a Bitch" in 2002. Soon adopting the name Angerfist, he became a force in the Dutch gabber scene with hits like "Criminally Insane" and "Fuck Off." His track "Chronic Disorder" solidified his reputation in the hardcore community.

In 2006, Angerfist's live performances gained a new dimension with the addition of MC Prozac (Minne Roos), marking the formation of a formidable duo. This period saw Angerfist's influence extend beyond the Netherlands, touring Europe, the United States, and Russia.

Album Releases and Solo Concert (2006–2009):

After five years of consistent production, Angerfist released the double album CD and DVD, "Pissin' Razorbladez," in 2006. This album, a compilation of his greatest hits and new collaborations, showcased his versatility. The success of tracks like "Chaos and Evil" and "Raise Your Fist" propelled Angerfist further into the spotlight.

Success and "Retaliate" (2010–2012):

Angerfist continued to ascend in the hardcore music scene, with the single "Incoming" reaching the top charts in 2011. His third album, "Retaliate," released in 2011, featured collaborations with artists like Predator, Lady Kate, and Radium. While the album received positive reviews, it spent only a week in the Dutch music charts.

"The Deadfaced Dimension" (2013–2014):

In late 2013, Angerfist announced the release of his fourth album, "The Deadfaced Dimension," in 2014. This album showcased solo tracks and collaborations with artists like Evil Activities and Miss K8. The success of the EP "Lethal Generation" further solidified Angerfist's position as a leading force in the hardcore and gabber genres.

"Raise and Revolt" (2015–2017):

Just a year after "The Deadfaced Dimension," Angerfist released his fifth studio album, "Raise and Revolt," in 2015. With contributions from The Outside Agency, Negative A, and others, the album received acclaim for its massive sound and diverse collaborations. Angerfist was also named the best hard dance DJ in the world in 2015.

"Creed of Chaos" and Recent Years (Since 2017):

Angerfist's sixth album, "Creed of Chaos," was unveiled in November 2017, featuring 32 solo tracks and collaborations with artists like DJ Mad Dog and Ophidian. This album showcased Angerfist's commitment to pushing the boundaries of hardcore music.

In the years following "Creed of Chaos," Angerfist continued to tour and perform at renowned festivals, maintaining his status as a hardcore icon.

Biography: Born on June 20, 1981, in Almere, Province of Flevoland, Netherlands, Danny Masseling, known by his stage name Angerfist, discovered his passion for music early on. Experimenting with software like Fruity Loops, he honed his skills, evolving from creating drum and bass tracks to embracing the hardcore techno lifestyle.

In 2001, Masseling sent a demo to the Dutch label BZRK Records, leading to a collaboration that laid the foundation for his career. Under the pseudonym Menace II Society, he gained popularity with the EP "Son of a Bitch" in 2002. After a brief stint as Kid Morbid, Masseling adopted the name Angerfist permanently.

Through hits like "Criminally Insane" and "Fuck Off," Angerfist became a prominent figure in the Dutch gabber scene. The vinyl release "Sons of Satan" in 2003 and "Raise Your Fist" in 2004 further solidified his position.

The years 2006 to 2009 marked the evolution of Angerfist's performances, as MC Prozac joined him on stage, forming a duo that took the hardcore and gabber scenes by storm. The culmination of this period was the release of the album "Pissin' Razorbladez" in 2006, showcasing Angerfist's greatest hits and collaborations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. When did Angerfist release his first EP, and under what name? Angerfist's first EP, titled "Son of a Bitch," was released in 2002 under the pseudonym Menace II Society.

  2. Who joined Angerfist in 2006, enhancing his live performances? In 2006, MC Prozac (Minne Roos) joined Angerfist, adding a new dimension to his live performances.

  3. Which album featured tracks like "Chaos and Evil" and "Raise Your Fist"? The album "Pissin' Razorbladez," released in 2006, featured hit tracks like "Chaos and Evil" and "Raise Your Fist."

  4. What marked Angerfist's ascent to the global hardcore scene in 2011? In 2011, Angerfist's third album, "Retaliate," contributed to his rising influence in the global hardcore scene.

  5. Which collaboration in 2012 featured Angerfist and the artist Miss K8? In 2012, Angerfist collaborated with the Ukrainian artist Miss K8 for the EP titled "Santiago."

  6. When was Angerfist named the best hard dance DJ in the world? Angerfist was named the best hard dance DJ in the world in 2015.

  7. Which album, released in 2017, showcased Angerfist's continued innovation in hardcore music? In 2017, Angerfist released his sixth album, "Creed of Chaos," featuring 32 solo tracks and collaborations.

  8. What software did Angerfist use for his first album, "Pissin' Razorbladez"? Angerfist created his first album, "Pissin' Razorbladez," using Fruity Loops, showcasing his early experimentation with music production software.

In conclusion, Angerfist's journey from his early days in the Dutch gabber scene to becoming a global icon in hardcore techno reflects his passion for pushing the boundaries of the genre. With chart-topping albums, energetic live performances, and a commitment to innovation, Angerfist continues to leave an indelible mark on the hardcore music landscape.

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