Aryue, the powerhouse DJ hailing from China, has become a central figure in the nation's dynamic dance music scene. Renowned for his eclectic mix of mainstage, future rave, trance, and melodic techno, Aryue has carved a niche for himself with hits like 'Do It To It,' 'Welcome To The Rave,' and 'Party.'

Prolific 2022: Aryue stormed into 2022 with the release of 'Welcome To The Rave' on Revealed, setting the tone for a year of genre-blending dance euphoria. Demonstrating his versatility, he followed up with 'Paralax' for Revealed's 'Miami Sampler 2022' and the emotive trance anthem 'Better Than This' on In My Opinion. The collaborative track 'We Fight' with Voster & Gallardo showcased yet another facet of Aryue's musical prowess.

China's Dance Icon: Aryue remains a dominant force on China's dance music stage, consistently drawing massive audiences nationwide. Beyond his live performances, he has been dedicated to shaping the landscape through Dragon Records, his own imprint. The release of 'Blue Moon In Silk Road' with fellow Chinese artist Jamaster A further solidified his impact.

2022 Goals: While conquering the music scene, Aryue set personal goals for 2022, aiming to "try a combination of different styles, including future rave, trance, house, hard techno, and melodic techno." Not only has he been pushing musical boundaries, but he also revealed a personal goal of getting fit and becoming a "muscle man."

Highlights of 2022: Aryue singled out Tale Of Us at Tomorrowland 2022 and UMF Miami as the best DJ sets he experienced this year. Additionally, he marked his presence at the Budweiser Real Winter Music Festival, adding another notable festival to his repertoire.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

  1. What is Aryue's DJ style? Aryue describes his DJ style as a mix of "Mainstage/future rave/trance/melodic techno."

  2. Which tracks is Aryue best known for? Aryue is best known for tracks like 'Do It To It,' 'Welcome To The Rave,' and 'Party.'

  3. What was Aryue's winter release in 2022? Aryue kicked off 2022 with the winter warmer 'Welcome To The Rave' on Revealed.

  4. What genres does Aryue aim to blend in his productions? Aryue's current production goal is to "try a combination of different styles, including future rave, trance, house, hard techno, and melodic techno."

  5. What is Aryue's own record label? Aryue is focused on his own Dragon Records imprint.

  6. Which festival did Aryue play for the first time in 2022? Aryue performed at the Budweiser Real Winter Music Festival for the first time in 2022.

  7. What personal goal did Aryue set for 2022? Aryue aims to "get fit and become a muscle man" in 2022.

Aryue's journey in 2022 showcases not only his musical evolution but also his commitment to pushing boundaries and leaving an indelible mark on the global dance music scene.

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