Best AI mastering tools for musicians

In the final stage of audio post-production, mastering plays a crucial role...

The significance of music mastering has been emphasized in various discussions, such as our guide on 'How to master electronic music' and articles covering 'How to record, mix, and master classical music' and 'Mastering Reverb: The Secret to a Killer Mix.'

This article explores a distinct set of mastering tools known as AI mastering tools, leveraging AI technology to achieve results comparable to human mastering. Now, let's delve into the advantages of AI mastering:

  • Affordability: AI mastering tools are cost-effective compared to hiring professional mastering engineers. While recognizing the value of human expertise, AI mastering tools provide an affordable yet effective solution for mastering your music.
  • Time-saving: AI tools excel in efficiency by allowing the simultaneous editing and enhancement of multiple tracks, completing the process in just minutes. This is a significant time-saver compared to the manual mastering of one track at a time by humans.
  • Accessibility: With the accessibility of the internet, AI mastering tools are available to nearly everyone, regardless of their level of knowledge or experience in music production. The streamlined and user-friendly nature of mastering AI contributes to further time savings.
  • Consistency: Ensuring consistency in sound is essential for a cohesive listening experience. AI mastering tools excel in maintaining a consistent sound across multiple tracks, delivering polished masters consistently.

Now, let's explore some of the best AI mastering tools in the market: Top AI mastering tools available:

iMusician's Instant Online Mastering:

Price: $10.00/track

Description: iMusician's Instant Online Mastering simplifies music editing and polishing with AI technology. Mimicking studio mastering processes, it enhances sound quality while offering genre-specific options for optimal results. With quick and affordable mastering, it's ideal for any music distribution needs.

  • Fast track polishing in minutes
  • Unlimited free mastering previews
  • Compatibility with streaming and download platforms
  • No project limitations, allowing multiple track uploads
  • Easy track downloads, even for distributed music


Description: LANDR employs an adaptive engine informed by thousands of mastered songs to provide unique mastering tailored to each track's genre and style. Offering convenience and speed, it's a reliable choice for achieving professional-quality sound.

  • Mastering from web browsers, desktop apps, or mobile apps
  • Free mastering previews
  • Tracks optimized for streaming in various formats
  • High-speed mastering process


Price: $10.90/track

Description: CloudBounce, endorsed by industry giants like Focusrite and Abbey Road Studios, offers efficient online mastering with its easy-to-use interface. Despite some limitations in preference styles, it delivers fast results with options for real-time waveform previews.

  • Fast turnaround time and user-friendly design
  • Real-time waveform preview
  • Easy sharing of mastered tracks
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