Build Your Own Custom DIY MIDI Controller with KNTRL

DIY Custom DJ Midi ControllerIf you are shopping for a controller for use with a software such as Traktor or Ableton, chances are you will end up browsing a few common models that are built to drive the common functions of a software. This can mean that the controller works well for some aspects but can leave the user wanting in other areas. This may work for some, but not Alex, AKA FuzzyWobble. Alex is currently creating a technology framework to allow you to design and assemble a custom control surfaces through a project currently called KNTRL.

The entire program is in its development stages and is not currently released. Continue reading for more information on the ongoing project.

What is the project all about?

Currently named KNTRL, Alex’s project is all about freeing the consumer from the standard selection of controllers out there and the throwaway culture that these type of controllers support. We highly respect the focus on reuse through this project.

Alex says: “This DIY framework is a departure from the technology throwaway culture to which we have become accustomed. By going through the step-by-step, learning the basics of electronics and soldering, the user will acquire the skills necessary to tinker, upgrade, and repair their own controller. As the software programs inevitably evolve, or as the users needs change over time, they will likely desire a new controller that reflects these changes. Now, in the case of commercial controllers, this is where the concept of technology throwaway would be relevant. But with DIY, that term is unfit. The flexibility of the framework allows the user to update their controller easily, by reusing most existing parts.”

Is creating a custom controller right for you?

If you are in the need of a new controller, but don’t want to head down the generic controller path then listen up! You won’t have a simple purchase then play experience, and that is a good thing! As stated above it will take work to build your controller. Not only does this give you a chance to learn valuable skills like soldering, but it gives you possibilities for future upgrades and maintenance on your controller.

If you are passionate about controlling your DJ or live experience and want a controller that fits your EXACT needs then this project is for you. You design your controller through a web app, the controller is shipped to you with instructions, and you assemble yourself.

Kntrl Process

Plug & Play Controller Technology

DIY MIDI Controller ModuleAlong with the standard offering of buttons, LEDs, faders, dials, and moreĀ  also will offer plug and play modules. These modules will be important of defining and setting your controller apart. Alex plans to offer modules like resistive touch screens, 4×4 rubber button pads, and trackballs.

How You Can Help Out

This project is in its beginning stages. Starting as an instructable, the project is now on Kickstarter looking for support. If you are like us, and are a fan of his ideas and approach then please head over to his site and check out all the work he has done. He plans to launch a kickstarter campaign in June or July to raise funds and if you want to support him we will be reposting his site link at that time!

KNTRL Install Users

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