Burak Yeter

Burak Yeter, a versatile Turkish Dutch DJ, record producer, and remixer, has etched his name in the global music scene. Born on May 5, 1982, Yeter's musical journey has taken him from mixed declarations about his birthplace to international recognition and success. With a rich background in classical piano, guitar, and education in civil engineering and sound engineering, Yeter has become a prominent figure in the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene.

Early Years and Education:

From a young age, Yeter showed a keen interest in music, mastering classical piano at 5 and picking up the guitar at 8. After completing his undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering at Akdeniz University, he pursued his passion for sound engineering in London, earning a master's degree from the SAE Institute.

Rise to Recognition:

At the age of 22, Yeter made a significant impact by winning the Burn & MTV Dance Heat DJ Contest in 2004, leading to his performance at the MTV Dance Floor Chart Party in Malta. The same year, he secured the second position in the Miller Master DJ Contest, marking his presence in the EDM scene.

Debut Album and Global Initiatives:

Yeter's debut album, "For Action," released in 2005 under DSM, marked his first solo DJ album with a global reach. In 2007, "For Message Volume 2" was released, focusing on raising awareness of global warming. Demonstrating a commitment to education, Yeter signed with Pioneer in 2008 and established DJ schools in Amsterdam, Istanbul, and Los Angeles.

Awards and Recognitions:

The year 2010 brought accolades as Yeter won the Best New Remix Award in the 16th Kral TV Annual Music Awards for his remix of Ajda Pekkan's "Oyalama Beni." In the same year, he received the Best Newcomer award in the Producer & DJ category. Further success followed in 2012 with the Best Remix Award for another Ajda Pekkan song, "Arada Sirada," and the release of his remix album, "Blue."

"New World" Project:

After a decade, Yeter embarked on a new chapter with his "New World" project, introducing fresh songs to the global stage. The first single, "Happy," released on Spinnin' Records, earned recognition as the best song of the week in the Spinnin' Talent Pool. The subsequent single, "Tuesday," achieved even greater success, reaching the top 10 in multiple European countries.

Ongoing Projects and Worldwide Presence:

Currently, Burak Yeter is immersed in upcoming projects, utilizing his studios in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and Istanbul. Simultaneously, he continues to showcase his DJing skills around the world, contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Where was Burak Yeter born, and what has he declared about his birthplace? Burak Yeter has issued mixed declarations about his birthplace, stating on his site that he was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, while in interviews, he has claimed he was born in Trabzon, Turkey.

  2. What education background does Burak Yeter have in music? Burak Yeter developed an interest in music at a young age, learned to play classical piano at 5, and later pursued a master's degree in Sound Engineering from the SAE Institute in London.

  3. How did Burak Yeter come into recognition in 2004? At the age of 22, Burak Yeter gained recognition by winning the Burn & MTV Dance Heat DJ Contest in 2004, leading to a performance at the MTV Dance Floor Chart Party in Malta.

  4. What international initiative did Burak Yeter take in 2008? In 2008, Burak Yeter signed a contract with Pioneer and opened DJ schools in Amsterdam, Istanbul, and Los Angeles, providing professional education.

  5. Which awards did Burak Yeter win in 2010, and for which songs? In 2010, Burak Yeter won the Best New Remix Award in the 16th Kral TV Annual Music Awards for his remix of Ajda Pekkan's song "Oyalama Beni."

  6. What is Burak Yeter's "New World" project, and what notable singles has he released as part of it? Burak Yeter's "New World" project signifies a new chapter in his career, with notable singles like "Happy" and "Tuesday," the latter achieving top 10 positions in multiple European countries.

  7. Where is Burak Yeter currently working on his projects? Burak Yeter is actively working on upcoming projects in his studios located in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and Istanbul.

In summary, Burak Yeter's multifaceted career, from early recognition to international awards and his current "New World" project, reflects his continuous dedication to pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music. His journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring musicians and producers

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