Carl Cox

Carl Cox stands as one of the most charismatic DJs in the business. With a rich history spanning from his roots in acid house to pioneering techno, Carl has emerged as a timeless figure in the electronic music realm. He wears many hats – a musical ambassador, a record label owner, the King of Ibiza, and a relentless performer who never loses sight of his passions: playing music, breaking tunes, and celebrating life.

The Early Days

At the tender age of 15, Carl acquired his first set of turntables, igniting his journey as a mobile DJ. His early musical love affair began with disco, but the early 1980s saw him delve into the realms of rare groove, New York hip-hop, and electro. As he became immersed in the music, he also had the privilege of witnessing the emergence of Chicago house music, notably with Phuture's "Acid Trax." This marked a pivotal moment for him as he started to blend various genres in his DJ sets, captivating audiences with his innovative selections.

On the Rave Scene

A key player in the exploding British rave scene, Carl graced the decks on the opening night of Danny Rampling's iconic Shoom and co-promoted The Project with Paul Oakenfold. His residencies at the Zap Club in Brighton and the Sunrise rave in 1988, where he incorporated a third turntable for his dawn-breaking sets, earned him a reputation as a three-deck wizard. As the scene evolved, so did Carl, and he found his true calling in techno. He describes techno as music that "takes you to an element of surprise, not knowing where you're going. It's scary but wonderful at the same time."

Carl Cox's catalog of classic releases is a testament to his influence in the techno world. His 1995 mix CD, 'F.A.C.T,' became a benchmark, selling over 250,000 copies. His 1996 EP 'Two Paintings and a Drum' even broke into the British top 30. In addition to his prolific career, Carl established Intec Records in 1999, enjoying eight years at the forefront of electronic music. After its temporary closure in 2006, he relaunched it as Intec Digital in 2010, achieving remarkable success with exclusive tracks from top techno artists. This label also housed his sixth studio album, 'All Roads Lead To the Dancefloor,' which reached number 3 in Spain's national chart.

Ibiza, the Love Affair

Carl's name is synonymous with Ibiza. His legendary residency at Space lasted an astonishing 15 consecutive years, solidifying Space as one of the world's most renowned clubs. Carl meticulously curated line-ups, championing new talent alongside established names. His final season at Space in 2016 was his most remarkable yet, with every single night selling out, marking an unforgettable chapter in the island's clubbing history.

A Return to Ibiza

Even after the closure of Space, Carl's love for Ibiza remains unwavering. He continues to grace the White Isle every summer, featuring in carefully selected events. His roaming club series 'One Night Stand' sees a resurgence in summer 2019, with two nights at DC-10, while he takes the stage at Privilege Ibiza as part of Resistance. His dedication to the island's clubbing scene remains a top priority.

A Career Full of Success

Carl Cox remains one of the most sought-after DJs globally, with a packed schedule of club dates and festival performances. He has also embraced his role as an ambassador for Ultra's Resistance parties. His own event series, 'Pure,' is an embodiment of his dedication to techno. Launched with Richie McNeill and Eric Powell, 'Pure' emphasizes the music, offering no-frills, high-energy techno parties.

A Passion for Motorsports

Away from music, Carl indulges his love for cars and motorbikes. He has a collection of over 100 vehicles and has taken his passion to the next level by founding Carl Cox Motorsport. This venture oversees various teams and styles of motor racing, achieving impressive results in multiple competitions, from road racing to drag racing.

Pushing Boundaries

In 2018, Carl launched the label Awesome Soundwave (ASW) with Christopher Coe, also known as Digital Primate. ASW focuses on artists who create and perform their music live, offering a platform without boundaries. Carl remains active in music production, releasing remixes and new tracks, all while maintaining an extensive international touring schedule.

Carl Cox's journey is a testament to his insatiable thirst for life's experiences. He continues to thrive across various domains – music, motorsports, and more. With no signs of slowing down, he believes there's still much more to come, like an everlasting wellspring of creativity, waiting to be explored.

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