The Birth of Claptone

In a distant, forgotten world, spanning generations, emerged a mysterious figure with a bird-like shape. This ethereal being, referred to as Claptone, donned a dazzling golden mask, its long beak reminiscent of an inverted horn. Backlit by iridescent light, it floated through wooded darkness, capturing the imagination of all who witnessed its fluttering presence.

Wandering Through Medieval Landscapes

Years spent traversing medieval landscapes shaped Claptone's unique perspective on the world. From magical mysteries to muted melancholy, he enchanted onlookers with occult instruments and beguiling sounds. Forever shrouded in intrigue, the elusive Claptone soon captivated the world with his enchanting musical prowess, venturing into realms unexplored.

The Elusive Musical Shaman

Despite the hunger of the masses, Claptone remains a mythical, little-known figure, slipping in and out of shadows, leaving behind lasting musical experiences. Since hatching in 2012, he has set dance floors ablaze with DJ sets characterized by supple grooves from the house world, infused with genuine soul, capable of both lifting spirits and inducing trance-like states.

The Masquerade: A Global Spectacle

In 2017, Claptone introduced 'The Masquerade,' a series of immersive events that unfolded across the globe. From Los Angeles to Rio, Berlin to Barcelona, 'The Masquerade' mesmerized audiences with its otherworldly ambiance. Claptone's shamanistic powers took center stage, enchanting crowds for seven straight hours at sold-out shows, a testament to his ability to transcend the boundaries of anonymity.

Stellar Studio Work and Recognition

In the studio, Claptone showcased his prowess through stylish remixes of iconic artists like Depeche Mode, New Order, Disclosure, and more. His remix of Gorillaz garnered acclaim, while 'The Drums' became a summer anthem across festivals and Ibiza. Awards and accolades followed, with Claptone securing the Best House Artist title for the third consecutive year at the Ibiza DJ Awards.

Anticipating 'Fantast'

As 2018 unfolds, Claptone gears up for another landmark: the release of 'Fantast,' a highly anticipated album delving deeper into his musical realm. Collaborating with charismatic vocalists, the album promises enchanting beauty, dreaminess, and a liberating naivety, challenging preconceived notions about Claptone.

Musical Trails and Ephemeral Offerings

With over one million Facebook fans, Claptone keeps the enchantment alive. His weekly Clapcast podcast, broadcast on 70 radio stations, and musical offerings for club, radio, and home streaming maintain the intrigue. Fans are invited into his ephemeral world through self-designed magical t-shirts and masks, ensuring that the mystique of Claptone endures.

In 2018, as Claptone continues his sonic journey, the world eagerly awaits the unveiling of 'Fantast,' ready to be immersed in the enchanting sounds of this mythical musical shaman.

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