Diego Miranda

Diego Miranda, a prominent Portuguese producer and DJ, embarked on his musical journey at the young age of 14. Initially captivating audiences in his home country, he quickly ascended to the international stage, gracing renowned venues like Ushuaïa Beach Hotel, Hï Ibiza, and Green Valley with his high-energy vibe. His recording career took flight in 2005 with the collaboration 'When You Come' alongside John-E, marking the genesis of his influential presence in the electronic music scene.

2021: A Productive Year in Production

Diego Miranda's prowess in crafting chunky electro-house bangers and accessible bigroom vocal tracks has thrived in 2021. The summer release of 'Energy' with Jenil featuring Godroy Music showcased his dynamic sound. The festival-smashing vocal track 'With U,' a collaboration with Emre Cizmeci and Mia Martina on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike's Smash The House label, garnered over a million YouTube views within weeks. His collaborations with Zov, 'Party At The Club' and 'Room 69,' released on the same label, reinforced his position as a formidable force in the industry. Additionally, the high-octane 'More Power' collaboration with Vini Vici featuring WUANT further underscored his versatility and creativity.


Q: How did Diego Miranda feel about his first gig back after lockdown? A: Diego Miranda described it as the first step in a new, uncertain world but an absolutely amazing experience. He played at Privé Dubai, and the energy from the crowd was pulsating.

Q: How have the last 18 months changed Diego Miranda's view on work/life balance? A: Diego Miranda acknowledged that the past 18 months allowed more time for planning and preparing schedules, focusing on playlists, and diving into music production. While it felt more balanced in terms of work/life, he emphasized the irreplaceable value of live DJing and being close to the crowd.

Q: What steps does Diego Miranda suggest the industry take to combat climate change? A: Diego Miranda proposes further initiatives to offset carbon footprints and events that can raise funds to implement sustainable practices worldwide as ways for the industry to reduce its impact and address climate change issues.

Q: What is the best tech Diego Miranda added to his studio or DJ setup this year? A: Diego Miranda highlighted the addition of Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000s and the DJM-V10 mixer as the best tech additions to his studio or DJ setup in the current year.

Q: What is the best album Diego Miranda has heard this year? A: Diego Miranda mentioned "Lil Nas X 'Montero'" as the best album he has heard this year.

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