Digital DJing Without An Audio Interface: Traktor DJ Cable

What Is the Traktor DJ Cable?

In short, the Traktor DJ Cable is a simple audio splitter which takes a stereo output and splits it into two mono audio channels. What this allows a DJ to do is without an external soundcard/audio interface, be able to play a master output and a monitor channel through a single 2 channel output. Native Instruments has created this cable to be especially used with laptops running Traktor Pro or iPad/iPhone/iOS Devices that don’t have the capabilities to use an external audio output.

Traktor DJ Cable

See the infographic below to see an example of how you might set up the Traktor DJ Cable.

Traktor DJ Cable Infographic

The end result of this setup is two outputs, one for the speakers, and one for headphones. Both of these outputs will loose two channel stereo sound, and end up with two identical channels due to the mono output of the splitter.

Who is this Product For?

This product is designed for the new, up and coming DJ’s with a limited budget or DJ’s who want to use a device like their tablet or phone since they don’t have the means to attach an external soundcard.

Should I Buy One?

After reading through the entire article, you should know if this cable is for you or not. The simple suggestion I have for you if you plan on purchasing this cable is don’t buy it directly from Native Instruments. A generic stereo to mono splitter cable can be purchased much cheaper. I was able to dig one up on Amazon for about $6 and it will do just the same thing that the Traktor DJ Cable will do. The cable I found was called the: HOSA Stereo to Mono Splitter.

The Marketplace & The Reason for This Cable

It is obvious to see the limits of this cable, and really the need for the cable on a technical level is non-existent. From my perspective, this cable is nothing more than marketing work. What Native Instruments has done here is given DJ’s who may have the means to spend $6 on an App, but not $300 on a professional grade audio interface, a chance to get hooked on their software. This is an easy stepping stone that covers the lower price point marketing. I have a feeling this will be a success for Native Instruments and help them access the less technical, beginner DJ market that they are currently missing.

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