Dimitri "Vegas"

Dimitri "Vegas" Thivaios is a globally recognized figure in the realm of electronic music. He forms one half of the legendary brotherly duo, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, and stands as an ambassador for the worldwide phenomenon known as Tomorrowland.

In 2019, the duo secured the coveted title of the world's #1 DJs, a testament to their superstar status in the electronic music scene. With an impressive fan base exceeding 30 million across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, their influence is undeniable. Their over-the-top live performances and music videos have collectively garnered over a billion YouTube views, immersing audiences in their captivating world of music.

Remarkably, their annual solo concerts achieve the extraordinary feat of selling out 85,000 tickets in under 40 minutes, a feat shared by music legends such as U2, Madonna, Beyoncé, and Michael Jackson. In terms of accolades, they've amassed more Gold and Platinum records than they can easily tally, and they've garnered respect and admiration from icons spanning various musical genres.

Collaboration is at the heart of their success, with heavyweight artists like David Guetta, Daddy Yankee, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Martin Garrix, Diplo, Swedish House Mafia, Steve Aoki, Afrojack, and Fatboy Slim gracing their tracks. They've also remixed songs for superstars including Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Chainsmokers, Major Lazer, and many more. Their creative spirit knows no bounds, and they even collaborated with renowned Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer, contributing to the soundtrack of Disney's "Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge" and creating the theme for Mortal Kombat 11, a beloved video game franchise.

In 2015, the duo's meteoric rise culminated with their first-time recognition as DJ Mag's No. 1 DJs in the world. Their memorable "The Hum" short, featuring Jean Claude Van Damme and Charlie Sheen, achieved over 100 million views, marking a significant milestone in their career. Further triumphs followed, including Billboard Dance #1 Hits "Higher Place" featuring Ne-Yo and "Complicated" with David Guetta. Their music video for "Hey Baby" featuring Diplo showcased their creative storytelling prowess with a self-written and directed comic book-style adventure.

In 2019, they released the controversial single "Best Friend's Ass" with Paris Hilton, featuring a stellar cast, including Kim Kardashian, resulting in one of the most audacious music videos of the year. Their latest single, 'Instagram,' featuring Daddy Yankee, David Guetta, and Natti Natasha, has stormed the charts worldwide and set new records for the brothers.

Despite their packed schedules, Dimitri "Vegas" Thivaios, born in Greece and raised in Belgium, manages to balance his burgeoning acting career. Fluent in six languages and represented by CAA, he has made notable appearances on European television programs and in local films. He starred in the European blockbuster "Gangsta," directed by 'Bad Boys 3' Directors Adil El Arbi & Billal Fallah. Additionally, he featured in Jean-Claude Van Damme's action movie 'Lukas' and appeared in 'Rambo V: Last Blood' alongside Sylvester Stallone. His talents extended to voice acting, with roles in Disney's 'Big Hero 6' for the Belgian version and as the voice and face of Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat 11.

Driven by a passion for storytelling, Dimitri "Vegas" Thivaios is actively involved in the development of TV shows and movies. He is collaborating on a cutting-edge animated series with the renowned Shadow Machine studios. Balancing life between Ibiza and Los Angeles, he is fully dedicated to his new acting ventures, with exciting roles on the horizon. His unwavering commitment and boundless dreams are a testament to his dedication to his craft.

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