DJ Audio Interfaces

dj-audio-interfacesWhat is an Audio Interface?

An audio interface is an external sound card used to provide the necessary inputs and outputs needed for your gear setup. DJ audio interfaces feature many lines in and out. The types of connections depend on the type of interface you are interested in. There are interfaces for connecting various inputs for things like audio recording and production. These sound cards are commonly connected to your computer through USB or Firewire. Some DJ mixers or controllers will feature a built in audio interface.

Assuming you are here for DJ information then when we talk about DJ interfaces we generally find RCA inputs and outputs for connecting your mixer/turntables as well as usually a headphone output for monitoring. The biggest factor you need to consider when you look for an audio interface is how many inputs and outputs you will need. If you want to control Traktor with 4 decks through a 4 channel mixer then you should be looking for an audio interface with 4 inputs and 4 outputs.

A quality audio interface is one of the most important pieces of gear that any DJ using a computer in their setup will need.

DJ Audio Interface Manufacturers

  • Native Insturments
  • Rane
  • Numark
  • M-Audio


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