DJ Software

Traktor DJ SoftwareTechnology has taken over the DJ scene and as such a rise in amazing computer programs to take your DJing to the next level is happening. The new innovations in software and ways to control this software has enabled anyone to be able to DJ like a pro.

The basic features of a full featured DJ Software:

  • 2 or more decks or virtual turntable slots which play your tracks
  • Mixer including 3/4 band EQ setups with faders and a crossfader
  • Waveform track display for visual beatmatching assistance
  • DJ effects, samplers, and filters
  • Hot cueing and looping
  • Support for timecode vinyl or CD control
  • Support for MIDI device control
  • Media organization and browsing

It is important to factor in how you will control a software before setting out to purchase. A MIDI controller allows you to control your DJ software. An audio interface gives you professional grade input and output options for things like timecode vinyl or CD control as well as outputs to professional audio systems. You can hook up a combination of timecode control and MIDI control for even more creativity.

Every DJ looking to invest in a software should also factor in the need for at least a basic audio interface.

See our sections on MIDI Controllers and Audio Interfaces for complete information.

Finding the right DJ software can be a tough venture as there are so many choices out there, and so many of them are great choices! Depending on your budget you will be able to find a software to fit your needs. In addition to a great software you will likely want to be looking at purchasing a MIDI controller and an audio interface. DJ software runs from free to the low hundreds of dollars for more full featured and video mixing capabilities.

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