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Digital DJing Without An Audio Interface: Traktor DJ Cable

Traktor DJ Cable

What Is the Traktor DJ Cable? In short, the Traktor DJ Cable is a simple audio splitter which takes a stereo output and splits it into two mono audio channels. What this allows a DJ to do is without an external soundcard/audio interface, be able to play a master output and a monitor channel through a single 2 channel output. Native Instruments has created this cable to be especially used with laptops running Traktor Pro or iPad/iPhone/iOS Devices that don’t

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How to Create & Host Your Own DJ Podcast


What is a Podcast and Why Would a DJ Create One? A podcast is a collection of audio files stored on a website which is subscribed to using a media software (most commonly iTunes). A feed supplies the software an up to date list of the episodes available for each podcast. The software then downloads the appropriate media file for the episode which can then be listened to on a computer or transferred to a media player like an iPod

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The Legality of Sharing and Selling DJ Mixes

Legality of DJ Mixes

So you want to know the different legal aspects of promoting or selling your DJ mix? There are some straight answers to the legal landscape, but as you will discover, the common practices may not always follow the same set of rules. As you read this article, keep in mind your personal situation by answering the following questions for yourself: What kind of music does your DJ mix contain? Is the music mainstream and popular? Is it underground or produced

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Site Spotlight: Spin the Latest Tunes with Digital DJ Pool

Online Record Pool

So you can mix twice as good as the next DJ, but your stuck playing tracks that are already released and become outdated quickly. The question is how do you get your hands on those unreleased or prereleased tracks? The answer is an online record pool. What is a Record Pool? The short answer is a record pool is a place where record labels send their music to get it into the hands of hungry DJ’s. The setup is designed

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Traktor DJ for iPhone: Best iPhone DJ App

Traktor DJ for iOS

Today Native Instruments released the newest addition to its lineup of Traktor DJ products with Traktor DJ for iPhone and iPod Touch. There has been much hype surrounding the launch of the iPad app and the iPhone version is much the same. There is an iPad iOS app video featuring Richie Hawtin preparing for, and playing a set using his iPad. The great thing about the iPhone/iPod Touch version of the app is that it brings the same high quality

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The Best Vintage DJ Turntable: Technics SL-1200


Calling this turntable ‘vintage’ might be a bit misleading since it is still the only choice in DJ turntables today. The Technics SL-1200 has had a long history and the end of its 38 year production cycle in 2010. It was and is still is the top DJ turntable. The Technics SL-1200 has had 6 major product revisions over its entire lifespan. Original SL-1200 – Released in 1972. Technics dubbed this player as the “The Middle Class Player System” MK2

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What is a Virtual MIDI Keyboard

Virtual MIDI Keyboard

A Virtual MIDI Keyboard is a computer program that you install which turns your computer controls into MIDI output. In essence you can use a Virtual MIDI Keyboard to control programs like production software with a piano like layout used right from your computer keyboard. You can see in the example image here that this software by Granucon allows you to turn your Windows Keyboard into a piano controller with several knobs and adjustments. Who Would Use a Virtual MIDI

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List of Average Tempo (BPM) By Genre

If you need reference on the average BPM of any genre of music normally spun by DJ’s then use the list below as reference: dub/reggae: 60-90 bpm downtempo/chillout: 90-120 bpm deep house: 120-125 bpm house: 120-130 bpm tech house: 120-130 bpm electro house: 125-130 bpm progressive house: 125-130 bpm trance: 130-135 bpm dubstep: 130-145 bpm techno: 130-150 bpm hard house: 145-150 bpm jungle: 155-180 bpm drum and bass: 165-185 bpm hardcore/gabber: 160-200 bpm These are just some rough estimates. You

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7 Quick Tips to Master Beatmatching

DJ Mixing

This article assumes you already know how to beatmatch. For more information on beatmatching, check out our definition of beatmatching or our guide on learning how to beatmatch. Learn with Easy to Mix Tracks Start learning to mix with some simple house or trance tracks with a very clear 4 on the floor beat. Try and find two songs that both start with the beat and not a long intro. Tap Your Cue Button Before The Track Drops If you

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How to Beatmatch Like a Professional DJ

Turntable Pitch Slider

The following describes beatmatching without the aid of any technical assistance. This is beatmatching at its purist form and it is the recommended method for learning to beatmatch. If you don’t know what beatmatching is, check out our post What is Beatmatching. Throughout the post you will see waveform images representing 4 beats of a house tune. This will give you a visual representation of where the hits are in the waveform. You will then see two examples of two

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