Dubdogz, comprising the twin brothers Marcos Ruback Schmidt and Lucas Ruback Schmidt, stands as a prominent electronic music duo hailing from Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil. With over a decade in the industry, their musical journey began with individual projects in Hi-Tempo, namely Wega and Ruback. However, the true artistic and musical maturation of the duo led to the birth of Dubdogz in 2016.

Early Success and Breakthrough: The duo garnered initial acclaim with their remix of "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster The People, in collaboration with Joy Corporation. This remix, a fusion of electronic beats, amassed over 20 million streams on Spotify, marking the beginning of Dubdogz's ascent in the music scene.

Their original track "Techno Prank" became a breakthrough hit, amassing more than 57 million streams. Collaborating with Bhaskar on "Infinity," the duo reached new heights with over 78 million streams, making waves not only in Brazil but also internationally.

Musical Diversity and Live Performances: Dubdogz's productions seamlessly traverse Slap House, Slap Bass, Progressive House, and beyond. Their live performances are a spectacle of sharp productions and charismatic stage presence, making them a sought-after act globally. The duo has graced stages in various countries, including South Africa, Germany, Australia, Denmark, France, England, Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland, and Thailand. Their journey includes performances at prestigious festivals like Rock in Rio, Lollapalooza Brasil, Tomorrowland Brasil, XXXperience, Só Track Boa, Electric Zoo Brasil, and Ultra Music Festival Brasil.

Accolades and Recognition: In 2017, Dubdogz entered the Top 50 DJs of Brazil, securing the 33rd position in the House Mag rankings. Two years later, the twin brothers received the title of "cidadãos beneméritos" (honorary citizens) of Juiz de Fora from the city's Municipal Council. This recognition symbolized the city's acknowledgment of Dubdogz's significant contribution to the national and international electronic music scene.

Personal Projects and Collaborations: Apart from their main project, Dubdogz, the brothers have diversified their portfolio. They introduced their event, the "Dog Party," and established the Chemical Dogz project in collaboration with DJs and producers Chemical Surf. The duo's musical repertoire includes hits like "Rascunho," "Azkaban," and the chart-topping "Techno Prank."

From Childhood to Stardom: Born and raised in Juiz de Fora, Marcos and Lucas showed early signs of musical inclination. Introduced to electronic music by their uncle at a young age, the twins started their musical journey by learning to play instruments. Their transition to electronic music production began at the age of 14, leading to performances at school events and eventually international gigs by the age of 16.

2016 Onwards: Career Evolution: The inception of Dubdogz in 2016 marked a turning point for the duo. Remixes, original tracks, and collaborations flooded the music scene, including notable releases like "Promises," "Dreaming," "Sunrise," and "Bass (Hold On)."

Noteworthy Releases and Milestones: The year 2020 saw a plethora of releases from Dubdogz, with standout tracks such as "Infinity" in collaboration with Bhaskar, accumulating over 78 million streams. The duo also ventured into the festival realm, organizing the "Dog Party" and establishing their own record label, Chorou Records, in 2021.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

  1. What genres does Dubdogz specialize in? Dubdogz seamlessly transitions between Slap House, Slap Bass, Progressive House, and various electronic music genres.

  2. Which tracks brought initial success to Dubdogz? The remix of "Pumped Up Kicks" and the original track "Techno Prank" played pivotal roles in Dubdogz's early success.

  3. In which countries have Dubdogz performed? Dubdogz has graced stages in South Africa, Germany, Australia, Denmark, France, England, Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland, Thailand, and more.

  4. What recognition did Dubdogz receive in Juiz de Fora? In 2019, Dubdogz was honored with the title of "cidadãos beneméritos" by the Municipal Council of Juiz de Fora for their contributions to electronic music.

  5. Tell us about Dubdogz's personal projects. Dubdogz hosts their event called the "Dog Party" and collaborates with Chemical Surf on the side project Chemical Dogz. The duo's unique events and collaborations showcase their versatility.

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