Eric Prydz

In the ever-evolving realm of electronic dance music, Eric Prydz stands tall, a visionary architect shaping the soundscape with his labels Mouseville, Pryda, and Pryda Friends. A luminary in the industry, Prydz has embarked on a relentless journey of musical exploration, leaving an indelible mark on the global dance scene.

Triumvirate of Labels: At the helm of three distinguished labels, Eric Prydz commands Mouseville, Pryda, and Pryda Friends, each a testament to his artistic vision. In a market saturated with trends, these labels thrive on underground beats, boasting an impressive demand for vinyl releases that defies contemporary norms. Prydz's ability to maintain artistic control, releasing music on his terms, underscores the essence of these labels—platforms crafted exclusively for his productions.

Mouseville Records: Under the alias Cirez D, Prydz unleashes the force of Mouseville Records, channeling the hard-edged beats reminiscent of Sweden's underground techno roots. The demand for this label is staggering, exemplified by the massive success of the 'Knockout EP,' selling over 18,000 vinyl copies. It's a throwback to the raw, powerful sounds that resonate with aficionados of the underground.

Pryda Imprint: In the melodic realm, Prydz's Pryda imprint weaves a sonic tapestry influenced by early house vibes, harmonies, and melodies. Strictly a haven for Eric's own creations, Pryda serves as a vehicle for the evolution of his influential sound—a sound that, though imitated, remains unmatched and unparalleled.

Pryda Friends: Complementing his solo endeavors, Pryda Friends emerges as a collaborative haven, allowing friends and colleagues to share their productions. Collaborations like Paolo Mojo's "1983" and Axer's "123"/"321" attest to the value of this new imprint, expanding the sonic palette beyond Prydz's solo creations.

Chart-Topping Fusion: Breaking barriers, Prydz achieved a historic feat by becoming the first artist permitted to sample Pink Floyd. "Proper Education" seamlessly fused the iconic school choir chorus from "Another Brick In The Wall," transforming it into a chart-topping sensation in the UK and Europe under Ministry of Sound.

From Passion to Profession: For Eric Prydz, music has always been about the sheer joy of creation. From his early days making music on the piano at the age of 8 to persuading his parents to buy him a keyboard for crafting Depeche Mode-inspired tracks, it was all "just a bit of fun." Little did he know that this 'fun' would lead him to the cusp of global chart success.

Roots of Resilience: Reflecting on his journey, Eric's roots trace back to 1994 when he joined the synth band 'Enemy Alliance,' dreaming of becoming the next Kraftwerk. Driven by passion, he sacrificed financial stability, delving into the world of hard-hitting, techno-funk tracks and local DJ gigs.

Emergence in the Industry: Eric's breakthrough arrived unexpectedly, with his first release emerging almost by accident. Propelled into the limelight with 'By Your Side'/'Mr. Jingles' on EMI's New Religion, Prydz's ascendancy continued with subsequent releases on Credence, firmly establishing him as a household name in house music.

Call on Me Phenomenon: The turning point came with the unexpected success of 'Call On Me' in 2004, a track initially crafted for friends that evolved into a European anthem. Topping charts and achieving sales of over 2.5 million units worldwide, Eric Prydz proved that commercial success and underground acclaim could harmoniously coexist.

Continued Sonic Odyssey: As Mouseville Records and Pryda Recordings continue to dominate dancefloors, Eric Prydz remains an in-demand underground spinner and producer. With a debut album on the horizon, his unparalleled ability to seamlessly merge techno and house assures that the future of electronic dance music is in safe hands.

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