Interview with Fred Baker

Belgium's Fred Baker, is one of the Trance scene's most popular DJ's and Producers at the moment. After being a regular on Eddie Halliwell's "Fire It Up!" tour around the UK, plus a string of successful productions and remixes, we thought we'd take up the opportunity to catch up with Fred to ask him a few questions! Read on to find out how our interview went....

Q1: You've been a much-loved DJ and Producer for a while now. How long have you been DJ'ing and Producing, and what made you interested in the dance music scene?

Fred Baker: When I was at school, my passion was already the music and I began already as DJ. When I was 18, I’ve decided to produce my 1st track… After some years working for an Italian label, I made some hits as GrooveZone “Eisbaer”, Y-Traxx ‘Mystery Land”, The Effect “Day Mission” and Global Trance Mission… But it was not the end for me, I’ve finished my law studies and I’ve produced and remixed a lot under many project names… But I never was booked as DJ in UK and I’ve decided to produce and to play  more under my real artist name, FRED BAKER… You know the rest, hahaha !

Q2: You're equally as famous for being both a DJ and producer - if you had to give one of them up tomorrow, which would you find hardest to give up?

Fred Baker: Don’t ask me this question, please… hahaha ! I don’t want to think about that because when I don’t have the possibility to produce or to mix, I begin to be crazy!

Q3: Your real name is Frederic de Backer - why did you choose to go for Fred Baker as your DJ name rather than your real name?

Fred Baker: My real name is Frédéric De Backer… I made so many productions under different project names and also producing tunes for the success of many DJs that I’ve decided to put my own name higher… but the problem is that to have a more "international" name, I had to cut it… and now, I’m still from Belgium, but sometimes, I can hear from people that they think I’m from USA!

Q4: You've been a regular DJ over here in the UK over the last 12-18 months - most notably as part of Eddie Halliwell's "Fire It Up" tour. How did you become involved with the "Fire It Up" brand?

Fred Baker: Eddie was playing my tracks but I never met him before… One day, he invited me to play in one of his super parties and we had directly a so good feeling together… people were very happy about my 1st UK set…and now he’s my buddy in UK… I’ve got a big respect for him!

Q5: How does it feel being part of the "Fire it Up" brand, working alongside some of the best up-and-coming talent around such as Tylor Leigh, Barry Connell - and, of course, Eddie Halliwell - who is still young himself.

Fred Baker: Hahaha, I’m older than them (34 years old) but they accepted me in their big family… They are all very nice people and with big talent… I love them a lot!

Q6: I saw you at Godskitchen last October playing alongside Barry, Tylor and Eddie - and one thing I admired was the fact that you didn't just turn up to play your set and then leave immediately. You were there, in the booth, right from the start at 9.30pm until 6am when it closed - and you were happily talking to the crowd and signing autographs - is this something you do regularly?

Fred Baker: It depends of times but normally, I love to talk with people and to have a good vibe with them… In UK, the contact with them is fantastic… I think it’s very important for the artist to have this respect for his fans!

Q7: As a producer, you've done collaborations with, most recently, Greg Nash and Youri Parker - are there any other people you'd like to collaborate with in the future that you've not worked with so far?

Fred Baker: There are always people to work with… I’ve expected to produce some projects with PvD, Armin and Tiesto but I never had this opportunity… Youri is one of my friends and I’ve more friends as Greg Nash who are my own artists!

Q8: You've been one of my favourite producers with great tracks such as Total Blackout, Electro Shock, a remix of Adagio For Strings and Bang! What is your favourite production you've done so far? Which gets the best response when you play it in your sets?

Fred Baker: I’m playing a lot Total Blackout (still played by Paul Oakenfold) and also my own remix of Adagio For Strings… And I’m still surprised about the reactions! Lunar Eclipse is still a big tune and I’m very happy about it!

Q9: How has technology affected your sets over the last few years - have you moved completely to CD? Do you still see a future for Vinyl records?

Fred Baker: Vinyls are for me a good promotion… I don’t think this industry is dead but I must admit that playing CDs now is a real pleasure! I’m still playing vinyls but not always… sad, but that’s life!!!!!

Q10: What's next for Fred Baker - are there any more productions in the pipeline? Any more "Fire it Up" UK appearances?

Fred Baker: Yes, I’ve finished my 1st Fred Baker album and it will be released this year… a double CD with Trance, Tech-Trance and also movie soundtrack scores! I’ve just finished the new Fred Baker vs Greg Nash and now, I’m busy to produce the 1st Greg Nash solo LP… I’ve remixed Yoji Biomehanika and the remix is a bomb when I’m playing it! About my UK appearances - I hope it will continue more and more in the future!!!!

Q11: Are there any up-and-coming DJ's that you think we should keep our eyes (and ears!) open for in the near future?

Fred Baker: There are always new talents coming or trying something in the musical industry… And I think the PF Agency artists are the proof … Tylor Leigh, Adam Sheridan and Greg Downey are great! Many others are coming i’m sure, but I can’t have a preference… music is my life, that’s all!

Q12: Finally, a question that we ask all DJ's - who are your biggest/closest friends in the DJ industry?

Fred Baker: Can I have a joker? Hahahaha! To many names on my list !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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