A Fresh Start for Diamante: Formerly known as Carnage, Diamante Anthony Blackmon has redefined himself as GORDO, a new house music alias that transcends mere musical exploration. This transformation represents not only a change in his artistic identity but also a profound shift in his lifestyle and perspective. Prompted by moments of reflection during the pandemic, Diamante has embraced a healthier and more active way of life, marked by regular exercise and wholesome nutrition. This newfound vitality resonates in his music as he embarks on a fresh journey with GORDO, ushering in a passionate and heartfelt era in house music.

Reinventing Live Performances: GORDO's live sets offer a unique and distinct experience that sets him apart from the crowd. His captivating sound and energy have enthralled fans at renowned venues worldwide. He has graced iconic stages, including Hï Ibiza, So Track Boa, Shalvata Tel Aviv, Lollapalooza, Fiction Canberra, and Savaya Bali, leaving audiences spellbound.

The Rise of TARAKA: Beyond live performances, GORDO is the mastermind behind the event series "TARAKA." This brand has gained international acclaim, with appearances in global hotspots such as San Francisco, Miami, Tulum, Mykonos, Amsterdam, New York, Bulgaria, and Detroit. These gatherings capture the essence of an authentic block party, featuring extended sets, surprise guests, handpicked lineups curated by GORDO, and a minimalist, raw production.

Pioneering a New Sound: Diamante has consistently pushed boundaries and inspired change within the dance music landscape. His relentless quest for innovation has led to groundbreaking releases like 'KTM,' a track that quickly surged into the Beatport Main Chart's Top 10. He's also made waves with "Leaving Earth," a techno-infused collaboration with KAS:ST, as well as the acclaimed 'RIZZLA,' his inaugural release with The Martinez Brothers. GORDO's influence extends further, with production credits on Drake's dance-infused album 'Honestly Nevermind' and recognition as the #1 producer on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.

A Life Journey: Diamante's transition to GORDO symbolizes a significant shift from his earlier hard-hitting, aggressive Carnage sound. It parallels his move to Hawaii during the pandemic, where he embraced a unique living arrangement, sharing his life with his grandmother. Diamante's personal history, marked by challenges growing up in Guatemala and later moving to the United States with limited resources and English-speaking skills, has shaped his character. These early struggles have inspired him to establish schools in Nicaragua, using his platform to raise awareness of the hardships faced by others.

Educating and Redefining: Beyond his musical evolution, GORDO seeks to educate a younger audience about the roots of house music. Diamante's profound understanding of the genre's foundations, cultivated during his formative years dancing at Ibiza's underground clubs, now informs his creative direction.

A New Chapter: GORDO is more than just a stage name; it represents Diamante's transformation into a whole new world. It has liberated him, instilling the confidence to express the music that has resided in his heart for years. From here, it's about crafting the music he is truly passionate about, with no intentions of looking back.

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