I. Jordan Unveils First Album 'I Am Jordan'

I. Jordan Unveils Debut Album 'I Am Jordan' with Vibrant Dance Anthems

Renowned UK dance music DJ and producer, I. Jordan, has announced the upcoming release of their debut album, 'I Am Jordan,' scheduled for May. The artist recently dropped the single 'Real Hot n Naughty,' featuring collaboration with Scouse rapper Felix Mufti.

Describing the album's essence, Jordan shares, "This album is about joy. It's about my joy as a trans person, and trans joy generally, working with trans people, making all this fun music together." Positioned as a "personal dance music diary," the project pays homage to the Northern music scene, embracing the sounds of donk, trance, house, and hardstyle. Collaborations with TAAHLIAH and Sister Zo are also anticipated.

'Real Hot n Naughty' serves as a teaser for the album, accompanied by a captivating music video. The track features vocals by Felix Mufti, known for performances at Glastonbury and Homoblow during Jordan's sets. Reflecting on their collaboration, Jordan notes, "A large part of the reason why Felix and I instantly bonded is because of our queer working-class backgrounds, and our pride around that as well. Our aim with this track is to make a real queer northern dance anthem."

Felix adds, "This celebration of our unhinged family is my proudest project to date. Told through a working-class lens that has defined so much of me and Jordan as artists, I couldn't be happier to finally share this story with the world."

With a decade of experience, Jordan has collaborated with notable artists like Fred Again.., Planningtorock, Fever Ray, Romy, and Eliza Rose. In the previous year, Jordan worked closely with SHERELLE on a joint EP and embarked on a successful UK and European tour.

'Real Hot n Naughty' is currently available, while 'I Am Jordan' is set to hit the music scene on May 10 via Ninja Tune. The album promises a diverse array of dance anthems, showcasing the artist's unique blend of sounds and influences.


  1. ‘When Lights Flash’
  2. ‘Casino High’
  3. ‘Real Hot n Naughty’ (ft. Felix Mufti)
  4. ‘The Countdown’ (ft. TAAHLIAH)
  5. ‘Butterlick’ (ft. Sister Zo)
  6. ‘Reification and Pathetic Fallacy’
  7. ‘People Want Nice Things’
  8. ‘Round n Round’
  9. ‘The Woodpecker’
  10. ‘7 Degrees of Despondent’
  11. ‘Close To You’
  12. ‘Rapt Finis’
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