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Joel Corry, born on June 10, 1989, is a multifaceted English personality, seamlessly blending the roles of a DJ, producer, and television figure. Rising to fame in 2019 with the hit single "Sorry," featuring the vocals of Hayley May, Corry has since become a dominant force in the music industry. Beyond the beats, he has made notable appearances on MTV's Geordie Shore and continues to diversify his ventures with businesses like Joel Corry PT and Most Rated.

Joel Corry's Musical Journey:

Singles that Sparked Success:

Joel Corry's musical journey took a notable turn in 2019 when "Sorry" hit the airwaves. Featuring uncredited vocals from Hayley May, the track soared to number six on the UK Singles Chart. The song's popularity reached new heights when it became the most Shazamed track in a single day, with an impressive 41,000 Shazams. Notably, "Sorry" found its place on the ITV2 reality television series Love Island, adding to its chart-topping success.

Head & Heart Triumph:

In 2020, Joel Corry solidified his presence in the music scene with the release of "Head & Heart," a collaboration with MNEK. The track achieved remarkable success, claiming the number-one spot on the UK Singles Chart for six consecutive weeks. Beyond the UK, "Head & Heart" marked Joel Corry's debut on the US Billboard Hot 100, establishing him as an international sensation. The song's platinum certification in September 2020 underscored its widespread acclaim.

Lionheart (Fearless) and Ongoing Success:

Building on his success, Joel Corry continued to make waves in 2022 with the release of "Lionheart (Fearless)," featuring the soulful vocals of Tom Grennan. The single debuted at number 37 on the UK singles chart, ultimately peaking at number 18 in its twelfth week, showcasing Corry's enduring popularity.

Joel Corry's Diverse Ventures:

Geordie Shore and Reality TV:

Joel Corry's foray into the entertainment world extends beyond music. He had a recurring role on the MTV reality television series Geordie Shore, sharing the screen with then-girlfriend Sophie Kasaei from 2012-2013. In 2017, he made a brief return to the show, displaying his dynamic presence on both the musical and television fronts.

Entrepreneurship Beyond Beats:

Beyond the turntables, Joel Corry has delved into entrepreneurship with a personal training business and an app named Joel Corry PT. His gym and leisurewear company, Most Rated, reflects his commitment to a holistic lifestyle. Interestingly, Most Rated also doubles as the name of Corry's own record label, showcasing his multifaceted approach to the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. When did Joel Corry rise to prominence with the single "Sorry"? Joel Corry gained prominence in 2019 with the release of "Sorry," featuring vocals from Hayley May.

  2. Which single of Joel Corry spent six consecutive weeks at number one on the UK Singles Chart? "Head & Heart," a collaboration with MNEK, achieved the feat of spending six consecutive weeks at number one on the UK Singles Chart.

  3. In what reality TV series did Joel Corry have a recurring role alongside Sophie Kasaei? Joel Corry had a recurring role on the MTV reality television series Geordie Shore, alongside Sophie Kasaei from 2012-2013.

  4. What record did Joel Corry's "Sorry" set in July 2019? In July 2019, "Sorry" broke the record for the most Shazamed track in one day, accumulating 41,000 Shazams.

  5. Which business ventures outside of music is Joel Corry involved in? Joel Corry is involved in various business ventures, including a personal training business, an app called Joel Corry PT, and Most Rated, a gym and leisurewear company that also serves as his record label.

  6. What was the debut position of Joel Corry's single "Lionheart (Fearless)" on the UK singles chart? "Lionheart (Fearless)" debuted at number 37 on the UK singles chart and peaked at number 18 in its twelfth week.

Joel Corry's journey is a testament to his versatility, seamlessly transitioning between the pulsating beats of the music world and the dynamic realm of reality television and entrepreneurship. From chart-topping singles to recurring roles on Geordie Shore, Corry's influence extends far beyond the DJ booth. As he continues to craft chart-topping hits and explore diverse ventures, Joel Corry stands as a dynamic figure shaping the multifaceted landscape of entertainment.

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