In the dynamic world of electronic music, stars are not just made; they are born. One such luminary is the 28-year-old DJ and producer, KURA. Currently ranked as the 61st most popular DJ globally according to DJ Mag’s Top100 2015, KURA is a force to be reckoned with. Signed to the prestigious Spinnin Records and managed by the renowned Anna Agency, KURA's journey is marked by success and an undeniable charisma that sets him apart in the competitive electronic music scene.

Early Influences and Musical Journey:

What makes KURA's story intriguing is his diverse musical journey. Introduced to dance music at the tender age of 11 through Carl Cox’s "Fact 2" compilation, he quickly immersed himself in the electronic dance music realm. Growing up with influences ranging from Daft Punk to Martin Solveig, KURA's musical palette became a melting pot of sounds, laying the foundation for his distinct style.

From Skate Shop DJ to Respected Artist:

KURA's foray into the world of DJing began at a part-time job in a skate shop near the beach on the outskirts of Lisbon in 2005. With access to a DJ booth, he seized the opportunity to hone his skills. Organizing parties at Coconuts in Cascais and later becoming Bahaus resident DJ marked the early stages of KURA's career. The necessity to create his own edits and tracks led him to delve into music production, upgrading to Logic Pro 8 and producing his first original track, "Russian Guitar," picked up by Kaos Records.

Rise to International Recognition:

KURA's name grew as a DJ, earning residencies at prominent clubs like Kapital, Tamariz, and Gossip in Lisbon. As his production skills gained notice, he transitioned into a freelance career, receiving invitations to play at larger venues. The breakthrough came with the track "Brazil," catching the attention of Roger Sanchez and marking KURA as the fastest riser on the Portuguese EDM scene. Support from industry heavyweights like Thomas Gold, Hardwell, and Nicky Romero solidified his status.

Spinnin Records and Global Impact:

In 2015, Spinnin Records, a global EDM powerhouse, signed KURA, signaling his potential to the world. Remixing Coca-Cola's "First Time, First Love" for the #beijafelicidade campaign showcased his versatility. Releases like "Namek" and the collaboration "King Kong" with Tony Junior underscored KURA's production prowess. A collaboration with Hardwell hinted at even more remarkable ventures.

Continued Success and Bright Future:

KURA's presence on DJ Mag's Top100, securing the 61st spot in 2015, affirmed his rising trajectory. As the year drew to a close, "Kubano" was released through Doorn Records, adding another accolade to KURA's impressive discography. With a future so bright that shades are a necessity, KURA continues to shine as a beacon of talent and innovation in the electronic music realm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. How did KURA first get introduced to dance music? KURA's dance music journey began at the age of 11 when he stumbled upon Carl Cox’s "Fact 2" compilation through a classmate’s Walkman.

  2. What motivated KURA to start producing music? The need for his own edits and tracks to play in clubs prompted KURA to delve into music production, leading to the creation of his first original track, "Russian Guitar."

  3. How did KURA's international breakthrough happen? KURA's track "Brazil" caught the attention of Roger Sanchez, and subsequent support from industry heavyweights like Thomas Gold, Hardwell, and Nicky Romero propelled him onto the global EDM stage.

  4. What milestones did KURA achieve after signing with Spinnin Records? Joining Spinnin Records in 2015 marked a significant milestone for KURA. He went on to remix Coca-Cola's "First Time, First Love" for the #beijafelicidade campaign and released impactful tracks like "Namek" and the collaboration "King Kong."

  5. What is KURA's global ranking on DJ Mag's Top100? In 2015, KURA secured the 61st spot on DJ Mag's Top100, a testament to his rapid ascent in the electronic music scene.

  6. What releases marked the end of 2015 for KURA? The end of 2015 saw the release of "Kubano" through Doorn Records, further solidifying KURA's presence on the global stage.

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