Maya Jane Coles

At the intersection of innovation and musical mastery stands Maya Jane Coles, a 29-year-old British-Japanese DJ/producer whose impact on the electronic music scene is nothing short of phenomenal. With numerous awards, millions of YouTube and Spotify plays, and a staggering 3.2 million SoundCloud followers, Maya Jane Coles has become a force to be reckoned with.

The Musical Journey

Globetrotting Sensation

Maya has graced over 40 countries, from iconic venues like the Tate Modern to unconventional spaces like car parks and deserts. Her versatility shines as she effortlessly transitions from MOMA to Brighton Football Stadium, captivating diverse audiences worldwide.

Awards and Accolades

Maya's journey is adorned with accolades, including Beatport's 'Staff Pick: Artist of the Year 2011' and multiple awards for 'Best Producer,' 'Best DJ,' 'Best Compilation,' or 'Best Underground Track' from esteemed media outlets like Mixmag and DJ Mag.

The Enigmatic Artist

Crafting Every Element

Maya is a rarity in today's music landscape. On her records, she assumes the roles of writer, producer, engineer, arranger, mixer, and performer. Her meticulous approach extends to designing sleeve artwork, showcasing a holistic creative process.

From Musical Mixtures to House Records

Influenced by a diverse musical upbringing, Maya's journey began with sounds ranging from dub to punk to soul. She ventured into production at 15, exploring hip-hop before immersing herself in the underground house scene of East London.

Solo and Collaborative Ventures

Maya's breakthrough track, 'What They Say,' propelled her into the spotlight, topping charts and solidifying her status in the underground house scene. Her debut album, 'Comfort,' released in 2013, featured collaborations with artists like Tricky, Miss Kittin, and Kim Ann Foxman.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

  1. What is Maya Jane Coles known for in the music industry? Maya is renowned for her multifaceted role as a DJ, producer, and visual artist, crafting every element of her tracks, from writing to artwork.

  2. How did Maya's breakthrough track 'What They Say' impact her career? 'What They Say' propelled Maya into the spotlight, topping charts and establishing her as a burgeoning star in the underground house scene.

  3. What is Maya's approach to music production, and what genres has she explored? Maya's approach involves writing, producing, engineering, and designing, showcasing a holistic creative process. She has explored genres from hip-hop to house.

  4. Can you name some of Maya's notable collaborations and awards? Maya has collaborated with Tricky, Miss Kittin, and Kim Ann Foxman. She has received awards such as 'Best Producer' at the DJ Mag Awards.

  5. Tell us about Maya's DJ career and achievements. Maya's DJ career has taken her to renowned venues worldwide, and she has curated festival stages. Her DJ mixes have received acclaim from Resident Advisor, XLR8TR, and Boiler Room.

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