Getting Started with Music Production

Photo Credit: Create Digital Media

Photo Credit: Create Digital Media

Is Music Production Right for You?

Before you being your journey down the path of music producer you want to ask yourself if it is the right path for you. There are many reasons you might want to produce music. Being a site about DJing we gave you some benefits of learning to produce as a DJ, and these reasons might be why you want to start. You might not be a DJ, but have a strong passion for music and a desire to express yourself through music. There is no right or wrong answer for why you might want to start producing. Basically if you were asked “do you have a strong desire or passion to express yourself through music and you say yes, then music production is probably right for you!

What to Expect Once You Start Producing

To say that it is easy to learn to produce music is true. To say it is easy to learn to produce great music is not necessarily the case. Musicians spend lifetimes mastering their art. If you want to head down the path of music producer then you should expect a long journey, but a rewarding one at that. It is very challenging to start into music production since the concepts and equipment behind the creation are all very technical. This may sound like you are starting on a long, impossible journey, but that is not the case.

If you begin down the path of music production, expect a long process that is rewarding the whole way through. You will need to learn the basics as with any hobby or passion. The basics of music production are not only essential, but rewarding. As you gain experience you will quickly find a satisfying output of music that will evolve with you as your skills grow.

Necessary Gear for Music Production

Photo Credit: Benjamin Chun

Photo Credit: Benjamin Chun

If you see pictures of large music studios you will likely see many recording rooms with large panels of knobs and dials on large mixers. There will likely be large racks of samplers, synthesizers, keyboards, and effects. These types of professional installations have been reduced in size and hardware dependency as time has moved on.

These days a studio can exist with as little as a computer, the right software and some monitors (speakers) or headphones. Innovations in software means that instead of having to invest in hardware solutions for things like samplers or synths you can simply use software versions. In addition most producers will end up using a MIDI controller to control and play samples through their software. Likely an audio interface will be a necessary addition when you look at adding studio monitors into the mix.

These days software such as Ableton live have merged the gap between studio and live performance. Ableton allows you to produce and perform using two different views. This gives performers much more creativity with their sets, but also can put limits in the spontaneous nature of song selection that a traditional DJ has.

Start Producing Today!

So what are you waiting for? If you have a passion for music and a drive to share your ideas then start learning to produce today!

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