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About Nora En Pure

Birth and Early Life

Born Daniela Di Lillo on July 20, 1990, Nora En Pure is a Swiss-South African DJ and esteemed deep house producer. Recognized for her breakthrough single "Come With Me" in 2013, she has since enchanted global audiences with her unique blend of deep house beats and organic melodies.

Musical Influences

Nora En Pure's musical journey began in Johannesburg, where she was born to a South African mother and a Swiss father. Despite migrating to Switzerland during her infancy, her South African roots remained a significant influence. Growing up in a musical environment, she mastered various instruments during her childhood.

Before immersing herself in the electronic music scene, Nora En Pure explored genres like classical music, pop, and rock, showcasing the diversity that defines her musical palette.

Background and Inspirations

Creative Influences

An avid outdoors enthusiast, Nora En Pure draws her deepest inspirations from nature and her travels. This connection with the natural world reflects in her productions and DJ sets, creating a harmonious fusion of tribal percussion, classical instrumentation, and emotive melodies. Piano chords, strings, wind instruments, and synthesizers come together in her tracks, painting vivid sonic landscapes.

Helvetic Nerds Collaboration

As part of the Helvetic Nerds in Switzerland, Nora En Pure collaborates extensively with Christian Hirt, the owner of Enormous Tunes label. This long-term partnership has cultivated a distinctive sound that sets Nora En Pure apart in the electronic music landscape. Her melodic and organic deep house sound, pioneering since its early days, remains a testament to her ability to bridge diverse sounds and scenes.

Unique Style

Nora En Pure was a trailblazer in the melodic and organic deep house genre. Despite its growing popularity, her productions and live sets retained a unique quality, effortlessly connecting disparate sounds and styles with her raw and authentic approach, standing out from mainstream trends.

Journey in Music

Debut Single "Saltwater"

Nora En Pure's global journey commenced with the release of "Saltwater," a track that skillfully incorporated elements of "True" by Spandau Ballet. This track found a place in the Buddha Bar's 2012 compilation, marking her initial steps into the global music scene.

Breakthrough with "Come With Me"

The turning point in her career came with the 2013 single "Come With Me," which secured a spot in Beatport's Top 100 download list for an impressive seven months. This success catapulted Nora En Pure to international acclaim, marking her presence on the global stage.

International Recognition and Touring

Nora En Pure's global recognition soared through her electrifying performances at renowned events such as Coachella Festival and Tomorrowland's "Daybreak Session." Her extensive catalog of EPs and remixes for artists like Faithless, Wretch 32, Klingande, and Oliver Heldens further solidified her status in the music industry.

"Conquer Yosemite" EP

In 2017, Nora En Pure released the captivating extended play titled "Conquer Yosemite," showcasing her evolving musical prowess and commitment to pushing the boundaries of deep house.


Q: What is Nora En Pure's birth name? A: Nora En Pure's birth name is Daniela Di Lillo.

Q: What was Nora En Pure's breakthrough single? A: Nora En Pure gained recognition with her 2013 single "Come With Me."

Q: How did Nora En Pure start her global journey in music? A: Nora En Pure started her global journey with the single "Saltwater," featuring elements of "True" by Spandau Ballet, included in Buddha Bar's 2012 compilation.

Q: What is Nora En Pure's musical style? A: Nora En Pure specializes in melodic and organic deep house, blending elements of classical instrumentation, tribal percussion, and emotive melodies.

Q: Does Nora En Pure use a ghost producer? A: No, Nora En Pure does not use a ghost producer. She is known for her hands-on approach to music production.

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