Pierre Pienaar - This Is Where We Are

Pierre Pienaar is currently one of the hardest working people in the scene, not only Heading Nukleuz Green Records, but also running his weekly radio show 'Euphoric Sessions' as well as remixing for various top artists and labels under his own name as well as his highly acclaimed P.H.A.T.T. and Melodia aliases which has seen him being playlisted from all ends of the dance spectre including the likes of Above & Beyond, Paul van Dyk, Dave Pearce and Alphazone. Read on for more details about this tune....


With 'This Is Where We Are', Pierre picks up where he left off with 'Tsunami' and showcases his uplifting trance sound to great effect. Sweeping pads, and electric arps over a driving bassline leads into a highly euphoric and uplifting melody which is sure to stick in your head afterwards.

On remix duties is Nicolas Perrottey aka DJ Space Raven who has recently produced tracks and remixes for the likes of DuMonde, DJ Sakin and S.H.O.K.K. He really turns this package into and absolute dancefloor must-have, picking up the pace and delivering a harder edged remix which rounds it all off nicely.


Pierre Pienaar - "This Is Where We Are" (Original Mix): The original mix is the first of a two-mix package. This mix grabs you right from the very first beat with a powerful, pacey, bassline accompanied with a deep stabbing synth, before slowly building up with another powerful background chord, and then lighter chords which all combine to form the intro. The intro is very long, "driving" and energetic - ideal for lots of creativity and trickery when you're mixing it into your set. Just before the three-minute mark, the breakdown kicks in - and what a breakdown it is! It starts off very dramatic with deep, dark, background synths, with lighter chords gradually coming into play to form the main melody. The deeper, background synths give this track a real euphoric, late-90's style vibe, where those powerful chords made the hairs on the back of your neck stand, and you had a real rush of emotion - and this breakdown does exactly that too! By far one of the best breakdowns i've heard for a very long time! This track has all the energy of a John O'Callaghan style production, but with the powerful, emotional, breakdowns of a Dynamic Vibe production. After the breakdown, the main melody continues, whilst the bassline kicks back in, which eventually leads out towards the outro. If you think of a Discover records style energy and basslines, combined with Somatic Sense breakdowns, then this is pretty much what you get with this tune! It is superbly produced, with no boring pointless bits or cheesy lyrics - instead, Pierre Pienaar gives you a good solid Trancer that is packed with energy, punchy basslines, powerful Trancey synths, and a gorgeous breakdown! One of the best tunes i've heard this year, and one that deserves the highest possible rating score (and its very rare I rate a tune as high as this)! 10/10

Pierre Pienaar - "This Is Where We Are" (Space Raven Remix): The Space Raven remix starts off with a slightly calmer bassline - not quite as 'banging' as the Original Mix - instead, this remix leaves the chords to do the work. A powerful, driving, synthesized chord builds up to form the intro, accompanied with kick drums and hi-hats to give it some extra guts! Just before the three-minute mark, the breakdown kicks in - however, this breakdown is much lighter - the chords have a much lighter, uplifting, feel to them, and with percussive elements sweeping in and out, it takes away some of the emotional vibe too. The purpose of the breakdown on this remix seems to be to break the tune up, rather than forming the main part of the tune - however, that's not a bad thing - it means it offers a more upbeat alternative version to the original mix. I've never seen the point in labels that release two mixes which sound quite similar - so it's nice to see that Nukleuz Green have opted for two differing remixes. This remix had a slight "Euro-Trance" vibe to it - quite bouncy and uplifting compared to most Trance that is out there at the moment. It sounds more like the "fun" side of Trance that you'd hear from a Dave Pearce style set, rather than a more "serious" sound that someone like Armin van Buuren would play. If you want a serious mix, then the Original is for you - however, if you like bouncier tunes, then this is ideal! A nice remix, however, the Original Mix stands out as being the best for me. A great alternative though! 8/10


Release Date: Unknown.
Label: Nukleuz Green Records.
Label Website: http://www.nukleuz.co.uk
Artist Website: http://www.pierre-pienaar.com
Catalogue Number: Unknown

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