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Established in 2012, PINK PANDA, the dynamic DJ collective hailing from the U.K., has not only solidified its reputation as a go-to remixer production outfit for major labels but has also become synonymous with pure musical fun. With a penchant for infusing their signature sound into official remixes for chart-topping artists such as Ava Max, Bruno Mars, David Guetta, Dua Lipa, Meduza, P!nk, and Sia, PINK PANDA has emerged as an influential force in the music industry. In addition to their remix prowess, the Pandas have set their sights on creating original tunes, including the 2021 releases 'Nightmares,' 'Only Love,' and the eagerly awaited remake of Mariah Carey's 'Obsessed.'

2022 Musical Journey:

PINK PANDA wasted no time catapulting into 2022 with the release of the well-received house crossover collaboration 'Radio' with ZieZie. The momentum continued with tracks like 'All Around' and 'Better,' launched on Hardwell's label imprints Revealed and Gemstone. Adding to the musical tapestry, the summer anthem 'Falling Stars 2022,' a collaboration with Sunset Strippers on SPRC, demonstrated the Pandas' versatility and genre-spanning prowess.

The latter part of the year promises the return of Narcotic Thrust's classic feel-good anthem 'I Like It' in a dazzling remake by PINK PANDA, featuring the powerhouse vocals of Elize. Having made a mark on the DJ MAG Top 100 in 2020 at #82, PINK PANDA climbed even higher in 2021, securing their highest position to date at #65. Their influence continues to grow as they seamlessly blend the worlds of pop and dance, delivering a stream of original tunes, engaging remixes, and memorable live performances.

Pandamonium on Stage:

PINK PANDA's extravagantly colorful stage presence has captivated music lovers worldwide. The demand for their feel-good vibe and heartfelt inclusive message within the industry is on the rise. The Pandas have successfully established BAMBOOTY RECORDS as their musical imprint, providing a platform for their creative endeavors. Additionally, their WILD THINGZ radio and event concept adds another layer to their multifaceted musical journey.

In essence, PINK PANDA's vibrant and eclectic musical journey, coupled with their energetic stage presence, continues to captivate audiences globally. With an exciting array of releases and collaborations, the Pandas are undoubtedly poised for a remarkable 10-year anniversary filled with musical highlights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. When was PINK PANDA established, and what is their musical forte? PINK PANDA was founded in 2012 and has since become a prominent DJ collective known for its remixing prowess and vibrant stage presence.

  2. Which artists have PINK PANDA collaborated with on their original releases? PINK PANDA has collaborated with ZieZie on the house crossover 'Radio' and released tracks like 'All Around' and 'Better' on labels Revealed and Gemstone.

  3. What classic anthem are PINK PANDA remaking in the latter part of 2022? The Pandas are set to release a dazzling remake of Narcotic Thrust's classic feel-good anthem 'I Like It,' featuring the vocals of Elize.

  4. What is PINK PANDA's highest position on the DJ MAG Top 100? PINK PANDA secured their highest position on the DJ MAG Top 100 in 2021, ranking at #65.

  5. What imprint have PINK PANDA established for their musical endeavors? PINK PANDA has established BAMBOOTY RECORDS as their musical imprint, providing a platform for their original tunes and remixes.

  6. Apart from music, what other concept is associated with PINK PANDA? In addition to their musical ventures, PINK PANDA is associated with the WILD THINGZ radio and event concept, adding to their diverse portfolio.

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