Recording & Sound

So you’ve got some moves behind the decks, your mixes are tight and you could be rocking any crowd you want. You close your eyes and hold your hands up high and jump to the beat, your dream audience pulses in front of you. Suddenly you open your eyes and snap out of your dream and realize you’re at home DJing your favorite tracks on your old computer speakers and in reality, your mixes aren’t sounding tight because you can’t hear the muted highs and the bass is overpowering.

So what do you need to get your mixes sounding right and make that dream audience a reality? First you need some proper sound to enable you to mix at the next level, next you need to record that killer mix so you can share it with the world.


Having the latest and greatest gear with a terrible set of speakers and/or headphones is like owning a Ferarri with bald tires. You just aren’t going to get the performance your setup demands because your sound is so limited.

Visit theĀ Sound Section to learn about what makes a good sound setup including your headphones and speakers.


If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, does it make a sound? Maybe. If you have an amazing session and nobody hears your mix, does it have any influence? No!

Make sure that the things you do behind the decks are recorded. This will give you some material to study and approve your own skills as well as showing the world how well you can mix! Visit the Recording Section to learn what you need to record that next mix and share it with the world.

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