Reinier Zonneveld

For a considerable span, Reinier Zonneveld has loomed large over the techno landscape, earning a distinguished reputation for his groundbreaking approach to music production and live performances. Renowned for his innovative flair, Zonneveld has swiftly become one of techno's most captivating figures, drawing critical acclaim and fostering a dedicated fanbase.

Unveiling Reinier Zonneveld

Reinier Zonneveld's Roots Reinier Zonneveld, a Dutch techno producer, label owner, and DJ, emerged into the world on January 30, 1991, in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands. His journey into the spotlight commenced with the distinctive allure of his acid techno creations and live sets.

Early Musical Pursuits Zonneveld's musical odyssey commenced at the tender age of three when he embarked on classical piano lessons. By six, he was not only proficient in playing the piano but also composing classical pieces and performing solo piano concerts. After pursuing econometrics and earning master's degrees in Corporate Finance and Real Estate Finance at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, his encounters with techno at illegal raves sparked a transformation. Fueling his interest, he delved into electronic music production, using his student allowance to acquire his first synthesizers.

Inspirations and Influences Artists like Kraftwerk, Armin van Buuren, Richie Hawting, Speedy, and Carl Cox served as muses for Zonneveld, shaping his musical identity and guiding his early forays into production.

Debut and Frustration In 2011, Zonneveld released his debut EP, 'Joker,' catching the attention of notable artists who seamlessly integrated his unreleased originals into their sets. However, this early success brought a mix of joy and frustration. Witnessing his tracks played ubiquitously at Awakenings Festival in 2015 sparked both pride and a desire to release them officially.

The Turning Point Post completing his master's degrees in 2015, Zonneveld decided to fully embrace his passion for techno production. The momentum escalated with the support of industry giants, and 2016 marked the release of his debut album, "Megacity Servant," on Stil Vor Talent. Subsequent successful releases on labels like Suara solidified his presence in the techno scene.

Record Label Entrepreneurship In 2017, Zonneveld founded Filth On Acid, providing an avenue for unbridled creative expression. The label swiftly ascended to become a top-selling and widely supported entity in the electronic scene. Collaborations with luminaries like Carl Cox and releases like 'Inferno' underscored the label's impact.

Live Set Mastery Zonneveld's prowess extends beyond the studio, with his live sets capturing audiences globally. From Awakenings Festivals to Free Your Mind Festival, his dynamic performances have become synonymous with the techno experience.

Personal Support and Dream Pursuit Rooted in a family of bakers, Zonneveld's family has been a steadfast pillar of support. Recalling a pivotal moment, he shared how his father encouraged him to dedicate a year entirely to chasing his musical dream, assuring assistance if needed.

Decoding Zonneveld's Musical Palette

Genre Fusion Reinier Zonneveld's musical signature is a fusion of techno, electro, and classical influences. His acid techno style, coupled with an innovative production approach, showcases a dynamic and experimental musical persona. Live instrumentation often finds its way into his DJ sets, elevating the experience.

Zonneveld's Discography Snapshot


  • Reverse Psychology (2013)
  • Megacity Servant (2016)
  • Church Of Clubmusic (2019)

Singles and EPs:

  • Joker EP (2012)
  • Degenerate EP (2017)
  • Anubis (2019)
  • Oldskool (2022)


  • In My Circle (Reinier Zonneveld Remix) (2012)
  • Sigh (Reinier Zonneveld Remix) (2017)
  • Planet Session (Reinier Zonneveld Remix) (2021)
  • Boavista (Reinier Zonneveld Remix) (2022)

Streaming Success

Zonneveld's tracks have witnessed a surge in popularity, accumulating millions of streams on platforms like Spotify. Hits like "Move Your Body To The Beat," "Inferno," and "Hard Gaan" showcase his global resonance.

Spellbinding Performances

From ADE 2019's 12-hour set to a solo show sell-out at Ziggo Dome in 2021, Zonneveld's performances are marked by their immersive energy. His festival "Karren Maar" in 2023 aimed to break the world record for the longest live DJ set.

Supporting Zonneveld's Journey

Supporting Zonneveld extends beyond streaming. Platforms like Bandcamp offer a direct channel to artists, ensuring a more substantial share of earnings reaches them. Purchasing tracks, albums, or merchandise directly from artists amplifies this support.

Intriguing Facts about Reinier Zonneveld

  • Birth and Beginnings: Born on January 30, 1991, in the Netherlands.
  • Piano Prodigy: Initiated piano lessons at three, composing by six.
  • Label Genesis: Founded Filth On Acid in 2017.

Reinier Zonneveld, a trailblazer in the techno realm, continues to shape the genre's landscape with his distinctive sound and unwavering commitment to musical innovation.

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