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Online Record PoolSo you can mix twice as good as the next DJ, but your stuck playing tracks that are already released and become outdated quickly. The question is how do you get your hands on those unreleased or prereleased tracks? The answer is an online record pool.

What is a Record Pool?

The short answer is a record pool is a place where record labels send their music to get it into the hands of hungry DJ’s. The setup is designed to be a win-win. The DJ’s get tracks early and the record labels get feedback.

Choosing a Record Pool

While it may sound great there are a few things you need to take into account before you dive head first into a record pool. First of all will you find the music you are looking for? Take a look at the music that is being released in the pool before you jump in. Are there 100 tracks added per day and 90 of them are hip-hop? That is great if you are a hip-hop DJ, but what about if you spin house primarily? Also be sure to look into the DJ’s that use the pool. Are there top DJ’s you’ve heard of subscribed to the pool? That is a great sign.

What about the audio quality? Where these tracks from matters. If a pool has the latest tracks but the quality is 128kbps mp3s then you might want to stay away. We recommend using only the highest quality mp3 files when you DJ so make sure your online record pool offers the highest quality 320kbps mp3s or even uncompressed wav files.

Meet Digital DJ PoolDigital DJ Pool

Digital DJ Pool specializes in music that has yet to be released. This means you can rock your next crowd with material that they have never heard before. Sounds awesome right? It is, but it does come with a price. Fortunately that price is one of the lowest out there.

You can start a five day trial for just $1 and from there you are looking at $12 per month for unlimited downloads.

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