I stumbled upon Digital DJ Hub through a Google search while I was looking to learn how to beatmatch. I ended up in the DJ Knowledge section and in the end learned a LOT more than just beatmatching. After exploring Digital DJ Hub and signing up for the newsletter I now know what additions I will be making to my DJ setup. I was shopping around aimlessly and after reading through all the information on the site I feel like I am now properly prepared to make an educated purchase that I won’t regret.

Garth Jones – Kansas City, MO

After searching around the web I realized it is very easy to find information on DJing gear and what is new and hot. It is actually too easy. I was overwhelmed with the amount of information out thereĀ  on the latest and greatest gadgets and dj gear. I just needed basic information on different types of setups and a breakdown of the gear that is available. Digital DJ Hub made that information clear and has it organized really well. This worked really well for a beginner like me.

JohnSan Angelo, TX

I was searching for an upgrade to my existing DJ software when I found Digital DJ Hub. Their list of featured DJ software got me headed in the right direction. I was originally on Mixxx but after reading the stellar reviews on Traktor I ended up switching over and boy am I glad I did. What an amazing piece of software.

Mike FredricksonMonterey, CA

I have been DJing for 3 and a half years. I play all kinds of techno and house music, and until I stumbled upon your site I thought I was doing great. I started reading some of the articles in the DJ knowledge section and realize I still had so much to learn. I love vinyl and it is what I play exclusively, after reading some of the beatmatching tutorials and information on digital products I think I will change my setup and style for good!

SaraCarson City, NV

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