Will Sparks

At the youthful age of 24, Melbourne-born electronic music luminary Will Sparks has established himself as one of Australia's most esteemed and exhilarating acts of the decade. His journey in the electronic music scene has been marked by remarkable achievements, earning accolades, dominating charts, and captivating audiences worldwide.

Rise to Prominence

Will Sparks' breakthrough moment came when he was named 'Best Breakthrough Artist' by inthemix in 2013, followed by being crowned Australia's #1 DJ in 2014. His innovative and energetic approach to electronic music quickly gained attention, earning him a spot on Billboard Magazine's list of '10 Most Exciting Young Talents.' In 2016, he secured the 73rd position in DJ Mag's Top 100, a testament to his growing global influence.

Prolific Career

Will Sparks is not just a DJ; he's a seasoned performer who embarks on roughly 300 shows each year, gracing stages in every corner of the globe. His residencies at renowned venues like Paradise Club in Mykonos, XS in Las Vegas, and Pacha in Sydney underscore his status as a sought-after talent. The illustrious Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival, and TomorrowWorld are among the colossal stages where Sparks has left an indelible mark.

Chart-Topping Tracks

Sparks' career took a defining turn with the release of 'Ah Yeah!' in 2012, a track that soared to #3 on Beatport's overall charts. This marked the beginning of an unstoppable journey, with Sparks consistently delivering hit after hit. His productions have garnered attention from industry heavyweights, earning him multiple Gold and Platinum records. Notably, Sparks achieved four top 10 Beatport records before May 2017 alone.

Genre-Defining Sound

Will Sparks' SoundCloud page is a testament to his profound influence, with millions of plays on individual releases. His original productions have consistently found their place in the Beatport top 10, and his remixes of global hits, including tracks by Major Lazer, Robin Thicke, and The Chainsmokers, showcase his versatility. The track 'Ah Yeah' even found its way into popular US TV series 'Ballers,' solidifying Sparks' crossover success.

Bourne Recordings and Future Endeavors

Adding another feather to his cap, Will Sparks founded his own record label, Bourne Recordings, in collaboration with Lucky Ent and Ministry of Sound Australia. The label is not only a platform for Sparks' releases but also a nurturing ground for emerging artists. Bourne has achieved multiple Beatport overall Top 10s, further solidifying Sparks' imprint on the electronic music landscape.

Social Media Presence

With a social media reach extending into the millions, Will Sparks has successfully navigated the ever-evolving musical landscape while maintaining his signature brand and sound. His adaptability and unwavering commitment to his craft make it clear – Will Sparks is an artist poised for a lasting impact on the global music scene.


  1. When did Will Sparks achieve the title of 'Best Breakthrough Artist'? Will Sparks was named 'Best Breakthrough Artist' in 2013 by inthemix, marking a pivotal moment in his career.

  2. Which venues have hosted Will Sparks' residencies? Will Sparks has held residencies at prominent venues such as Paradise Club in Mykonos, XS in Las Vegas, and Pacha in Sydney.

  3. What major festivals has Will Sparks performed at? Will Sparks has graced the stages of renowned festivals, including Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival, and TomorrowWorld.

  4. Tell us about Will Sparks' record label. Will Sparks co-founded Bourne Recordings, a label aimed at supporting young talent and emerging artists while serving as a home for Sparks' own releases. The label has achieved multiple Beatport overall Top 10s.

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