Early Life

Musical Roots: Anton Zaslavski, widely known as Zedd, was born on September 2, 1989, in Saratov, Russia, to Igor and Marina Zaslavski, both of whom had musical backgrounds. His early exposure to music began at the age of four when he started playing the piano. By twelve, he expanded his musical repertoire by learning to play the drums and performing with the post-hardcore/metal band Dioramic. Zedd's childhood was filled with a passion for music that paved the way for his extraordinary career.

EDM Revelation: In 2009, Zedd's musical journey took a new direction as he delved into the electronic dance music (EDM) genre, inspired by the French electronic duo Jus†ice's album †.


Remix Contests and Recognition: Shortly after entering the EDM scene, Zedd won two remix contests, catching the attention of Skrillex, who signed him to the OWSLA label. This led to collaborations and official remixes for renowned artists like Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, and Skrillex.

Album Releases and Tours: In 2012, Zedd signed with Interscope Records and released his debut studio album, "Clarity," featuring the hit single "Spectrum." The album gained widespread acclaim, earning Zedd a Grammy Award for "Best Dance Recording." Tours like "Poseidon - The Back to Back Tour" with Porter Robinson solidified his status in the EDM world.

"True Colors" and Beyond: Zedd continued his musical evolution with the release of the album "True Colors" in 2015, featuring collaborations with artists like Selena Gomez. The "True Colors Tour" showcased his innovative approach to live performances, captivating audiences across the United States.

Innovative Collaborations: Zedd's collaborative ventures extended beyond the EDM scene, with production work for Lady Gaga's album "Artpop" and a co-writing credit on Justin Bieber's single "Beauty and a Beat."

2017 and Beyond

"Stay" and Headline Tour: After a brief hiatus, Zedd returned in 2017 with the single "Stay," featuring Alessia Cara. The success of the song marked his triumphant return to the music scene. Zedd also embarked on the "ECHO TOUR" in 2017, captivating North American audiences with his electrifying performances.

Continued Success: Zedd's success continued in 2018 with the release of "The Middle," featuring Maren Morris and Grey. The song topped charts and became a global sensation, showcasing Zedd's ability to transcend musical boundaries.

Personal Life

Friendships: Zedd's friendships within the music industry are notable. His connection with Skrillex dates back to their MySpace days, leading to collaborations and support on Zedd's debut album. Zedd's camaraderie with Madeon is evident, with both artists supporting each other on various projects. Additionally, Zedd's collaboration with Selena Gomez not only produced music but also led to a brief romantic relationship.


Q: When did Zedd start playing the piano? A: Zedd began playing the piano at the age of four, gradually expanding his musical skills over the years.

Q: How did Zedd enter the EDM genre? A: In 2009, Zedd transitioned into the EDM genre after being inspired by Jus†ice's album †.

Q: What was Zedd's debut studio album, and when was it released? A: Zedd's debut studio album is "Clarity," released in October 2012.

Q: Which song earned Zedd a Grammy Award? A: Zedd won a Grammy Award for "Best Dance Recording" for his song "Clarity."

Q: What significant collaboration did Zedd have in 2018? A: In 2018, Zedd collaborated with Maren Morris and Grey on the hit song "The Middle."

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